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    Default Garden Verandah Suites Location at CSA-Help

    I was lookin at the CSA Map for the Garden Verandah Suites and it looks like some of these buildings are along the road still? Is that true? If so, is there road noise?
    We are looking at going to CSA as we did CN this last Dec, but do not want to pay for the upgrade and be next to the road, princess like and all! But this is the most we can upgrade too due to the cost.
    If any of you die hard CSA repeaters can help me out would be great! And if anyone has a map layout that shows exactly which buildings are what would be awesome too!


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    There are some garden verandah buildings that lie along the road but honestly, we've stayed in them 2 years in a row and heard NO noise. In fact, we were on the third floor of the 4000 (I think) building last year and had a beautiful view of the water. In 2 weeks, we will be checking out the great house verandah suites......

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    We have stayed in a Garden Verandah suite at CSA twice and there is road noise but we found if we closed the bathroom door and had the air conditioner on it did not bother us. Slept like babies while we were there--not sure if it was the relaxing atmosphere or the liquid refreshments, but noise was never a problem. We are returning in a few weeks and are booked in a Garden Verandah again. We love them. We did find that the third floor room was a bit noiser than the second floor. Maybe due to the noise being more muffled by foliage when on the second floor. We plan to request a second floor room this time if possible. We have not had a first floor room and don't really want to try one due to lack of privacy on the balcony.

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    I have a map that shows the buildings and room numbers ( I'd post it, but then it's too small to read.

    The Garden Verandah Suites are next to the road, but the noise is minimal. There is some buffer between the road and the property (sidewalks, plants, etc.). Plus it's not like the road is a major freeway with lots of traffic. No worries, mon!
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    Unless you are determined to have a minibar and a TV, I would opt for a Verandah suite. IMHO, the Atrium is an upgrade from the Garden Verandah suites. They have a marvelous view, are away from the road and have a hammock on the porch. Some even have a beach view. What more could you ask for?

    We had always stayed in a room with a minibar at CSA (we stayed in the BFS's --- still no TV) but this November at CTI stayed in a room without a minibar. And ya know what? We didn't miss it at all. So much so that for our annual May trip to CSA, we are staying an extra night in an Atrium.

    Enjoy your stay at our favorite place.


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    We have booked this style of room for our Dec Vacation. I was curious if anyone has stayed in Building 10 or 11 which are both Garden Verandah rooms. How is it for noise from Patios and or the pools in front of these buildings? We stayed in Building 3, a Garden Bldng at CN and had no road noise issues, even with it being alongside the road. But I am curious if we will hear pool noise or Patios noise in either bldng 10 or 11. I dont think Building 8 or 9 would be any issue? Correct me if I'm wrong or dont need to be concerned.


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    If you keep the small bathroom window closed, no problems.Some people have said to keep your door closed.Why would you leave that open anyway?

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