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    We have a trip to CSS the first week of March and I was considering playing a round while there. Any comments or considerations for the course provided by the resort?

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    The golf course is nice. My wife and I walked it twice when we were there in 2005. Be prepared to pay for and tip the caddie and probably buy them a drink. It ended up costing us about $70 to play each time.

    We are going again in Dec this year and unless something changes we are not going to bother with it this time. Just to "expensive" compared to playing here at home, especially with the airlines charging for bags. You can rent clubs at the golf course.

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    We played in Dec and had a huge time. No walking, rented a cart, shared a caddie, drank way too much Red Stp, rented some VERY nice clubs (choice of Nike or Callaway) and will do it again in a heartbeat!

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