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    Default Just booked CSA! Think we made a great choice?

    We have been lucky enough to visit CN three times and tried CSS this past September. We love both of these resorts so much for very different reasons. We just couldn't decide which one to book for our April trip so we decided to branch out and try CSA! I am excited and hope we made a great choice! Do you think we will love it? CSA here we come! Hooray!!

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    You'll hate it... can't compare to any of the other Couples resorts... but then you know that already.

    They're all unique in their own way. I'm quite sure that you will find lots to love at SweptAway, just as you did at CSS and CN.


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    Bill and I have been to CSA, CSS, and CN. We liked each of them for different reasons, but have to say that we love the beach at CSA the best of all. White sugar sand that stretches for miles in both directions, crystal clear water, and amazing sunsets have called to us. We are making our third trip to CSA late February.You will be delighted with your choice.

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    We had been to CSA several times, and tried CSS last year. You will love CSA! The beach is wonderful. If you have a beachfront room, you will literally be on the beach, unlike CSS or CN. Nonetheless, all the rooms are fairly close to the beach at CSA. We loved CSS very much, but we are going back to CSA in less than 3 weeks!

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    In a word...DUH! You will absolutely love CSA. My guess it will become your favorite of the Couples resorts you've visited. Have fun!

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    You will love it! We did and we are going back in October. Try all the resorts and then you can pick your favorite. Or just keep rotating locations.

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    Thanks all!! Is it April yet?

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    We just got back from our 1st visit and absolutely had an awesome time and have decided CSA is our new "home" in Jamaica

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    Default CSA for April

    Quote Originally Posted by jamaicajen View Post
    Thanks all!! Is it April yet?
    Be sure to visit the meet up message board under meet at CSA, there are two separate threads, one Called Team CSA April, the other is the Team CSA April photo thread. You can look up the folks who will be at CSA in April. Our group of 8 arrives on the 17th and unforetunately exits on the 24th.

    Today we hit the double digit mark on our countdown

    99 days 19 hours 9 min 2 seconds until wheels up from BWI

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