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    Default repeater with question

    I have just booked CSA for Jan looking forward to the warm jamaican sun! We were in CN last year for the first time and loved it. However we didn't sign up with the resort for any kind of return club and wondered if we would still be considered repeaters??

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    You will be considered repeaters, but you need to sign-up right now before you leave for the Romance Rewards program. Once you register, you will receive a membership number - bring this number with you when you check in. Here's the link to sign-up and to read more about the repeaters program:

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    Yes, you wll be considered repeaters. You just need to sign up for Romance Rewards (see the link in the left hand column of this page). Part of the sign up process is to provide the dates of your previous visit s that you can be credited for it.

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    You will but you can stil sign up and you will at least have your rewards number to hand over if you want to do the trading places with CN. You will also be able to pre register and they will know you are a repeater before you get there.

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    I think you can do it now. You just have to get your other stay put in the system. Go to the main page and look under Romance Rewards. Do it already.

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