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    Default anyone feel strange....

    about being nude in front of fully clothed bartenders? to pick up on another it 'arousing' being nude in front of them?

    Just curious. anyone have any awkward moments? I'm sure the bartenders have seen it all.
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    Its never been an issue. I suspect that the bartenders stop noticing the nudity around them after a very short time working the AN facilities. As for it being "arousing", no, thats not something that happens in my experience.

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    After awhile you never really think of it. I guess for some who have that thought in the back of their mind it would be arousing but for the most part you're simply enjoying a beach without clothes on.

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    I would be feeling strange if I was the one not nekid

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    Servers of food and drinks should be clothed. Its the law in most states, which is why nudist resort servers are dressed. It becomes something one doesn't pay any attention to.
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    I was never bothered by it, nor aroused. I would, however, like a case of ting and a couple red stripes!

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    No awkward moments whatsoever with the bartenders. They appear to have seen it all. They are very relaxed and are just doing their jobs. Our job is to have a great time....

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    I thought about this my first time out at CN. It really was absolutely no big deal. The beach bar at the AN CN beach is elevated so a bartender wouldn't be able to see anything below your shoulders anyway. And like most people say, they have seen it all. I felt perfectly comfortable walking back and forth to the bar...I seem to have done that a lot, in fact!!

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