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    Default Announcing the January 6 Couplicious Wednesday Escape

    January 6, 2010
    Name: Early Secret Guarantee
    Category: Run of House
    Booking window: Now – 11:59 pm January 6, 2010
    Travel Window: March 1 – 31, 2010
    Restrictions: New Bookings only. 6 night minimum stay. Normal closeouts. May NOT be combined with any other promotion or value added benefits.
    Offer: Normal Secret Rendezvous rates for March Travel will not be officially announced until the end of January. Guests who book this "Early Secret Rendezvous" CWE for 6 nights or more and travel March 1 - 31, 2010, inclusive, will pay only $324 per room per night and will be guaranteed that the “official” rate for March Secret Rendezvous will be higher.

    Couples Resorts

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    Randy- i know this has been asked before but never saw an offical reply
    Is there any way one can take advantage of the SR and exclude CSA because it does NOT offer any A/n facilities.
    I have to believe there would be other AN loyalist who would appreciate this slight modification any thoughts

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    Default Couplicious Wednesday

    Randymon, Seandymon or anyone else in the mon family. We spent last year at CSA and wanted to "gamble" on SR this year. We booked our flights and leave "frosty" (nicest word I could think of) Saskatchewan to enjoy a Couples Resort again. The only direct flight for here to Jamaica leaves on Sundays. The Sunday we fly out is Feb 28, so we tried (and our TA tried) to book from Feb 28 to March 7 as the SR package. We were told that your system would not allow us to book the Feb 28 under this promo. Our TA then asked to book the dates seperately and was told that your booking system wouldn't allow them to do that either. Please help us out if you can. I don't think my wife would like to sleep in MB airport on Feb 28.

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