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    Hi Everyone!

    I am a first timer going to CSA with my new husband August 5-10 for our honeymoon. We are staying in an Ocean Verandah Suite. Can anyone recommend what floor/room we should request when we arrive? It says some rooms have a partial ocean view. Anyone know which rooms these are?

    Any tips/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I'm enjoying reading all the comments on here to get prepared for our trip.

    Thanks in advance!!

    Kirsti from Houston

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    Congrats. We stayed in 3116. It was on the first floor and we loved it. It you want more privacy (like leaving your balcony door open at night, I would asked for a 2nd or 3rd floor room). I would recommend asking for a corner room. They have shutters you can open.

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    We like second or 3rd floor for a bit more privacy, but to tell ya the truth, 1st floor would be just fine. We do like a corner room, though!

    Hello from another Houstonian! CSA is the best!

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    We were in room 3316, a third floor corner room. We had a view of the beach and the hot tub was just in front of the building. This room was centrally located in the resort and we liked that. We loved our room. Good luck and have fun.

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    We're in Houston too! Spring technically. We loved our Ocean Verandah. We were on the first floor in room 4109 on the corner. Here are some pictures:
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    Thanks, Amy!

    We are in Spring, too. Our house is off of 2920. You have posted some very helpful information (both here and on other threads). I really appreciate it. I'm trying to make myself as educated as possible for our trip. We are 31 days and countiing!!


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    We have stayed in Ocean verandah suites three times in the past. All times on the first floor. While the view on the upper floors will definitely be better, we liked the ability to walk in or out our verandah to the beach or other destinations with out using the "front" door. It was a nice perk. But we did like the corner room better than the interior rooms. Very small deal, just a preference. Keep in mind that you will probably not be able to specify what floor or other preference you want. Rooms are assigned as the become available in your room category.

    So be happy that you are at CSA and accept the room you get with the confidence that you will have a great vacation regardless.

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