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    10 point spread.....seems fair! Your on! We have 19 days to go!!! ya!!

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    Looks like I'll be owing you some drinks in 16 days!!!

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    what a last second shot! had to be a heartbreaker for you though......O well, there are plenty drinks to handle the situation........10 more days and we land! yahoooooooooooooooooooo

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    Just booked for April of 2013...the deal is too good to pass up! 1 week at Sans Souci and 1 week at CN.....we get two free nights that way and $600 resort credit!

    Can't beat this place.......if you have any questions.... just email me...

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    Ok all you Hoosiers...I am going to get this thread going again! Hubby and I are going for our first visit to CN May 27-June 2~beyond excited!!!!!! Any of our fellow Hoosiers going? We are from Columbus, just south of Indy. Would love to talk to some other travelers.
    Paul and Deborah

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    We are from Muncie and going to CN in October. Any other hoosiers?

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    Quite a few folks going in April 2013.....any hoosiers among you all?
    We will be there April 9-23!


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    Hey Hoosiers!!

    Just booked my flight for April through AirTran, it was only $425/rt cheapest I have ever gotten in the 5 years I have been going to Jamaica....... Special at Airtan expires December 31st.....early worm gets the cheap airfare........The blizzard today is definately getting me in the mood for Jamaica!!!

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    Well, we tried Couples Sans Souci after spending 3 years going to Couples Negril...... For us, we will not return to San Souci. It took us about 3hrs to regret spending part of our vacation at SSB, we almost called to see if we could transfer, but we didn't and we should have. If you absolutely love CN. I would caution against going to SSB. The atmosphere, Vibe and layout is so different, that we found that it failed to deliver on our basic requirements on a vacation.....just our 2 cents.

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    coming back for 5th trip to CN April 18th-25th 2015 ALL ABOARD!!!

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    Well its that time of year again!!! Any Hoosier's going to Couples in April? We will be at Couples Negril April 16-25....can't wait!! 6 inches of snow today!!!! its MARCH!!!!

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    Getting lonely in Hoosier land here on this board. Hope some Hoosiers end up coming to CN. We are off to CN April 16th-25th....another great vacation is almost here. !

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    Just booked for New years eve 2018...... 11th trip..... can't wait..... Colts are toast, so won't miss them in the playoffs that they will not make this year......

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