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    Default More CSA Questions...

    Any not-so-great things about the Great House Verandah Suites? Noise? Anything?

    Also, are there ice machines on the property?

    Is there somewhere that I could look to see what night time entertainment they have during the weekend?(ie beachparty or whatever)


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    It is noisy when people slam the doors. Other than that, they are great.

    There are ice machines all over.

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    activities can be seen at this link:

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    We were upgraded to the Great House which I wasn't very excited about (I just love the feel of the other GVS). It did kind of feel like a hotel...the halls were a mix of my high school and a hotel. Honestly the rooms were just like the GVS but just had a slight hotel feel. All-in-all we weren't in the room all that much and there was NO noise at all! It was also very convienient to Patio, the pool and Feathers. We did appreciate the view! We spent many mornings and nights on our balcony. Have fun!

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