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    My wife and I are looking to book a trip to CSA in March 2010. We have used Air Jamaica to fly out of Chicago six previous trips and would like to use it again. Has anyone flown Air Jamaica out of Chicago recently? If you have, how was your experience?

    I have not seen any recent updates on the status of Air Jamaica. Can someone direct me to the most recent updates or news? Thanks

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    We used Air Jamaica out of Chicago back in September 2009 .And will be using them again the end of this month . So far never a problem.

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    We just flew AJ on 12/27 going to CSA and on 1/02 coming back. If you recall the weather was less than favorable at that time. Our 6:30 AM flight left at 7 AM due to the deicing but otherwise was great. Leaving MB we left about 1/2 hour late due to the new security measures in place otherwise it was smooth and uneventful. We will continue to use them, as we love the direct early flight. You can always go the the AJ website and check on flight status.

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    We are flying Air Jamaica in May. Also out of Chicago. Do we really need to be there 3 hours before our flight? (Which would be 3amish)

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    we are going to book in Nov. and sure hope all is well.

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    Due to recent air line threats it is suggested you contact your airline for information. In most cases TSA has beefed up security and unfortunately it adds time to your day

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    We got there at 3:30 and the counter opened at 4. We sat until they opened the counter but some chose to stand and we were like 6th in line once they opened the counter. One thing we can tell you is there is only 1 restaurant open by the gate(not Mickey D's)---food is not too bad and a wide variety.

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    that is what we found no other resturants other than that one. You now can get food inside securtity by the area you board so it is somewhat nicer you can eat and drink one the plane. I really enjoy air jamaica but only had great times with them some have not.

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