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    Default Ocean View Room at Couples Negril

    Hello everyone! We have vacationed at Couples Negril several times....always staying in building 7....Ocean View Room. We love the location and the view...however, we do enjoy sitting on the balcony late afternoon. Does building 9 over a nice view(third floor)...and more shade at that time of day? I appreciate any and all of your comments and recommendations.

    We will be returning to Couples Negril in April, 2019.

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    9 has more shade, but the trees for the AN beach block most of the ocean view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JakkL View Post
    9 has more shade, but the trees for the AN beach block most of the ocean view.
    Glad you posted this response for the original poster, as #9 first floor is what we need and Iíll be headed for those trees on that beach for a close up view of the sea as I understand #9 is the closest to the a/n beach. Will probably make it there next spring or summer. Thanks.

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    My pleasure foreverbarefoot SXM. As I mentioned, we have stayed in building 7 three times and love the location and view. However, in the early evening hours, the sun is very intense on our deck. I will probably request building 9 for the shade, however wlll miss the ocean view. Hopefully, we will have a glance of the ocean from our room. You will love CN.

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    On our first visit to CN we had a beachfront room in building 9. It was wonderful. Our room was towards the end of the building closest to the beach. Our view of the water was blocked a little by trees, but there was still plenty of view to be had. The building 9 balconies will be shaded in the afternoon. A third floor room should give you a pretty good view.

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    Thank you Mike@Debbie! I appreciate the information. We will request building nine....third floor.

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    We just upgraded to Ocean View for Oct 19th - Super excited!

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    Here's a view from room 9303 It was further from the beach but still a good view. Of course we spent more time on the beach than on the balcony.

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    Thank you Bart and Bug! Your photo of the view from 9303 is much appreciated!!! I love the view!

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    You're welcome, Runner. We hope that you like the view from the room you get!

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