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    Default Anyone going the week of Feb 6-13?

    We will be vacationing at Couples Negril Feb 6-13 to celebrate our 1st anniversary. My husband and I are in our late 30's early 40's. We enjoy dancing and live music. It's our first time at this resort. Can anyone offer us any advice as to restaurant reservations, food selections, safety concerns, activities, etc.?
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    We will be at CN Feb. 7-13, and this will be our second time.You will love it! We over packed last time, just remember, nice sun dresses or skirts for the ladies in the evening. Nice shorts and shirts for the guys in the evening. There is one restaurant that requires the men to wear long pants and no sandals. During the day, swim suits and a cover up w/ flip flops.
    All the food was to die for. We loved every meal. There is even a late night grill that I'm pretty sure was open all night.
    I had never been out of the country and was not sure if I would feel safe. But was very comfortable.
    There are plenty of activities to enjoy. I highly recommend the couples massage in the tree house, (it was AMAZING), and the private dinner on the beach.Both of these can be scheduled when you get to the hotel.
    I hop this helps. CN is an amazing resort. My husband and I have been married 14 yrs and we fell in love all over again.Enjoy!

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    Becktamara1, Thanks for the suggestions. My husband and I will also be there during that time. We arrive on Feb. 12th. Our stay will be brief, so I want to try to get in as much as possible. Please let me know if there are any "Can't miss" things, since we will only be there 3 nights.

    It's getting closer!

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    That you so much for all of this information. We have only been at one other all-inclusive in the Bahamas. It was wonderful! We're really looking forward to Jamaica and trying Couples Resorts. Everyone has so many good things to say. If you see us while we're there, please say hello.

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    becktamara1: You mentioned the couples massage in the tree house. I found the couples massage listing, but it said nothing about the location. Is this where it's always done or do you need to request it? Did you arrange this ahead of time or when you got there?

    Thanks again for all of your help. I'm getting really excited! Only 25 days left of this freezing cold PA weather!

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    We signed up for the massage once we got to the hotel. They gave us several choice for the location, in the spa, in a hut on the beach and then the tree house. We loved the tree house because you could feel the ocean breeze, hear the birds and it was very piece full.
    Only 26 more days! It's only 20 degrees here w/ way to much snow! Hope to see you at CN!

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    We are from PA as well (Harrisburg), so I can certainly relate to the crazy weather. Maybe we will run into you guys while we are there. Just one more month to go!

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    becktamara1: Thanks again for the info. We will have to try the massage in the tree house. I'm counting down the days too.. only 24 left until we get there! Hope to see you there, as well as you meece. Please say hello if you see us around. We are Melissa and Randy from State College, PA (Home of PSU).

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    sunseeker,I will look for you all and say hello. 22 more days untill CN,(I'm really counting the hours). My husband and I can't wait to go back to paradise, we need some time away from his crazy work schedule, the kids and all this cold weather and snow! Our names are Tim and Tamara, we are from the cold and snowy state of NE,if you see us please say hello!
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    We will certainly watch for you, Tim and Tamara. We are ready to get away from this cold PA winter as well. We will all be on the beach in less than 3 weeks now!

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    Only 17 more days to go...
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    Sunseeker. Hello, we are Mike and Dana from Maryland. We will be there from 2/7 thru 2/13. We were just up in your neck of the woods(kind of) for New Years. We have friends that own a B&B in New Bloomfield. So, i can sympathize with you about the weather. Hope to meet you, if you see us say hi!
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    Hello, Mike and Dana! It is definitely cold here in PA. I'm counting down the days until sunshine and Jamaica! Thanks so much for saying hello. We'll watch for you at Couples. If you see us, please say hello too.

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    Sunseeker, Are you two doing the single digit dance yet? We are !!!

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    We certainly are! It's in the single weather digits here today, so Jamaica sunshine can't some soon enough. I have most of my things packed, ready to go. Only 8 more days!

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    Default Feb 7-13

    6 days! We can't wait!

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