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    Hello, we are planning a wedding at Couples San Souci in September 2018. I have a question, does anyone have advice on how to travel with my dress? Also, if it has wrinkles, is there a way to get them out?

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    I am getting married at Couples Negril in September! Just contact the airline you are traveling with and they should tell you how they want you to pack your dress. I am keeping mine in a garment bag and taking it as a carry on and they will hang it up for me in a closet. As for the wrinkles I am not sure. I am planning on just hanging it up in the bathroom and hoping the humidity helps take the wrinkles out. We are also taking a hand held steamer just in case!

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    I've done it twice at CSA and the first time I laid it on top in the overhead compartment. The second time I carried it on in a garment bag. They have a steamer I think or they send it out I'm not sure but I hung mine in the room and any wrinkles came out.

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    Great, thank you. I never thought of contacting the airlines, great idea. A handheld steamer is another great idea. I have got to get one before Sept. Thank you both for your information.

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    Not a problem! The place I got my wedding dress from recommended that to me. They said some like it in garment bags because they have closet space, while some like it packaged in a box.
    dar-ken what day are you getting married in September?? And congrats!

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    Hi little Indy, we are getting married on Sept. 15 at CSS.

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