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    When there is a special where resort credits are given like e.g. $200 for booking, what is the minimum nights you have to stay to qualify for the resort credit being offered in the special. Just wonder in case you ever do a split stay between Couples resorts. Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    7 I think

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    It will usually say in the fine the minimum nights you need to stay to receive the resort credit special they are offering. We did a split stay with 3 nights at CSS and 6 nights at CSA in July.

    I booked during one of those special promos and even though I was staying more than the minimum total number of nights between the 2 Couples resorts, it needed to meet the minimum # of nights at the same Couples resort so we didn't get the promo credit for our CSS stay since it we only did 3 nights & I believe the minimum was 4 or 5 nights to get the promo resort credit. We did get the promo credit on our CSA stay.

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    If you visit the Couples main website to find the fine print for a specific promotion.

    Follow this link for the current list of Couples Special offers. On the right hand side of each promotion there will be a link labeled "Terms and Conditions. It will tell you the minimum nights you need to book and stay to be eligible for the promotion. It will also tell you the timeframe when you must book the stay and the timeframe when you must be at the resort.

    After you book your stay and you make any changes to the length so that it no longer is in the minimum nights you will no longer be eligible for the promotion. It is really pretty straightforward.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise.
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