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    Default Dress codes at css

    How do we dress for all events? Except ssb of course. Jamaica night, Friday night gala, all restaurants?

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    I'll answer for the guys.

    The main thing to know is you need pants (not Jeans) and closed toed shoes (no sandals) for the nicest restaurant (casanova @ css) - that's really the only place that will turn you away if you don't follow the rules

    For everywhere else you can get away with "resort casual" - which for me is a nice pair of shorts and collared shirt but you can get away with a clean t shirt these nights if needed/ desired

    Note that you will only wear these clothes for a few hours so you don't need several pairs as you can reuse

    During the day your bathing suit is fine in all the restaurants unless it's soaking wet (beach grill won't mind a wet bathing suit)

    Having said all that - that's the minimum that you can get away with...

    However, a lot of people will dress nicer (or sexier) for each other for celebrations or just fun etc...

    For the gals - I know my wife can never have enough cover ups for all times of day...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dar-ken View Post
    How do we dress for all events? Except ssb of course. Jamaica night, Friday night gala, all restaurants?
    For Jamaica night my husband wore polo shirt and tan dockers long pants and black new balance tie shoes which I still call athletic shoes. Itís dark at these events (take a small flashlight) and long pants keep from getting bug bites however we still spray our ankles and legs a bit before attending. Some men had on shorts with short sleeve shirts. Ladies mostly had sundress or shirt and skirts or jumpsuit type pants and some had shorts.
    For the gala folks were only slightly dressed better. Most men had button shirts and pants. No ties or jackets anywhere. At the Casanova restaurant men had button shirts and long pants and closed toe shoes. My husband got by with the same black New Balance tie shoes everywhere. I got by with just taking two sundresses and a nice top and skirt. Rest of time I used two other beach coverup dresses to throw on at SSB, those worked for breakfast and lunch away from SSB also. I didnít notice anyone was dressed up like advertising photos you see online for other expensive resorts. But men do need long pants, shirt with collar & sleeves and closed toe shoes at Cassanova for dinner. The dress info is on the Couples app under each restaurant if you want to check each of those.

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