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Thread: Need CTI help.

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    Default Need CTI help.

    Hi CTI fans! My husband and I got back a couple weeks ago from trip #13 to CSA and Im feeling like its time to explore a new area. We plan on staying for 4 nights in Port Antonio and then going to CTI. We have stayed in the past at CTI(first trip was back when it was COR, 2nd stay was shortly after renovation) On our fist trip we had an amazing ocean front room in the main building, and would like to request a room in that same area, but I have no idea what those room numbers are. Im talking about on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the original building,more or less in the area over the lobby. We would go up the wide staircase and turn right was one or two down.I'm pretty sure its now a premier ocean front room but no clue on room numbers . Any help on that would be appreciated. Also... what nights are lobster night, beach party and the repeaters dinner? Im sure the info is on there somewhere but I couldn't find it. Thanks in advance for any help !

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    You're looking for a room in building 3 - we stayed in 3204 - which was just upstairs from the lobby and a few rooms down. The view from that room was an unobstructed view of the island and the pier.

    For the room #s - first number is the building, second number is the floor, last two are the room.

    So we were in Building 3, 2nd floor, room 04.

    You can also try logging into the romance rewards system and click on "Activity" - as it will tell you exactly what room you stayed in previously.

    Lobster night is Friday - if you can, try the Fried Lobster at Bayside - wonderful!

    Repeat guest dinner is on Monday last time I checked.


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    i believe that is building 3

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    Thanks for the help! Unfortunately our first stay back when it was COR was before Romance Rewards so its not listed in my past activity. But the info on your room and what the numbers mean is a big help. Im pretty sure back then it was 310.. so Im wondering if its now 3310? Of course ,I don't have to have exact room but I'd love something close to it at least. And I think we will be arriving on a Friday so first night lobster night! Works for me

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