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    Default Sewer smell near Bella Vista

    I put this on the “Ask the Chief Romance Officer” section, but got no response.

    We were at San Souci from June 9 - 16. There was a terrible sewer smell around Bella Vista and the beach bar. I believe that management was aware of the problem, but it was never fixed during our stay. Any update?

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    I don't believe there are "sewer" pipes running under Bella Vista as there are no bathrooms nearby.

    However, there are paved ditches that run under Bella Vista that take rain water down to the ocean (you can see them when you walk towards water sports away from Bella Vista as you walk on top of the grates) - these sometimes get clogged with sand and debris as I've seen them digging everything out - it's not the most pleasant smell when they clean it, but I wouldn't describe it as a sewer smell - more like a lot of mildew/old water smell...

    Let's hope that's all it is as that's a simple fix (well, not so simple for the poor guy who has to shovel it all out

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    We were there June 11 - 16 at Bella Vista briefly for lunch one day and beach bar two separate days but didn’t smell it. Stayed on SSB most of time though.

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    We could smell something like what you are talking about behind the block of beach front rooms one year. It was bad.

    Life is good

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