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    Hello everyone.
    We are returning to CSA soon & would like to know if school supplies are still welcomed?
    On other forums no one has replied so I’m hoping someone can chime in on this “thread”?
    Couples Resorts supported the ISA Foundation but that was 2 yrs ago & they haven’t updated their status on that since.
    Has anyone else taken any school supplies with them & how did they get distributed?
    Thanks for any info or help on this issue.

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    We were at CSS in April and brought school supplies, they are still accepting them. Guest services had us put them in an office and they were later brought to the school for distribution.

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    ya mon for sure school supplies are always welcome by employees as well as the schools that Couples sponsores

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    In the past, we've contacted the resort directly, via e-mail, to find out what school supplies their sponsored school needed. Each resort has a staff member that coordinates this effort (usually in Guest Services). This gave us a point of contact to work with and person to look for when we arrived. On a few of the visits we've done, the person actually coordinated it for us to bring the supplies to the school. If you get the opportunity, we'd highly recommend it. You'll get a better appreciation for the Jamaican people and the kids get a blast out of having a guest. Enjoy your visit at CSA and thank you for blessing the children of Jamaica!!

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