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    Default 360 camera filming on the CSA beach? What do you think?

    We’re never going to roll back technology....but. Couples has said no to drones for both safety and privacy reasons. For the first time I’ve seen someone on the CSA beach with a 360 camera setup - specifically a 360Fly. We’re being incidentally caught in people’s pictures all the time, and I don’t feel that as an invasion. Someone standing in front of me to take pictures of my wife, that would seem to cross a line. What about setting up a 360 camera to capture everything? Seems closer to the former than the later.

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    I was thinking about bringing one for our trip in October.

    Funny you posted this as the one thing that has kept me from buying one is I'm not sure if I'd be able to get up early enough to get footage without anyone in it...

    I want footage of just the beach - no- one in it.

    I think it depends as to if it's an invasion of privacy - if the person sets up right next to you then I think they should ask if it's ok first.

    If they're out in the water away from people then I wouldn't care.

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    There has also been discussions about web cams. Not a fan of either. We like our privacy.

    Life is good

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    I would see this as a nuisance and invasion of privacy.

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