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    Default Tell me about CTI - CN regulars trying CTI

    We will be visiting Tower Isle for the first time in October. We are 5 time visitors to Couples Negril so we are familiar with the general vibe and service level at Couples resorts. But what is special about CTI? What are the 'must dos' there? We will be staying 6 nights in a Deluxe Ocean room.

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    Absolutely go to the island on day one - give it a try. The Dunn's River Falls excursion is included and is great. The spa hot tubs and Buddha pool can provide late night alone time. The dance club can be a fun party after 10:30. The catamaran cruise is a blast.

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    We have been to CN 5 times and CTI once. We loved CTI and would definitely go back, however, it's important to know that it's very different from CN. While the ocean looks beautiful and the view is amazing, it's not great for swimming. There is a lot of seaweed in the ocean and bigger waves. We only went in the ocean a couple times. It's also more windy on that side of the island. We didn't try the AN island, so I can't comment on that. The pools at CTI are great. I liked that there are 2 separate pools. The one with the swim-up bar is more of a party atmosphere, so if you wanted quiet, you could go to the other pool. If I were you, I would upgrade to a Superior Ocean room, which is the room category we stayed in. The deluxe rooms don't have a very good view. We loved that we could sit on our balcony for breakfast and also in the evening and have the most amazing view. The view from the deluxe rooms, from what I saw, is not as good. I thought the service and food at CTI was way better than CN. Eight Rivers is amazing. We absolutely loved it and we went twice during our week stay. I also found the resort to just be a little more relaxing than CN. Less of a party atmosphere. Definitely do the catamaran cruise. It was great. Other than that, we didn't leave the resort. Have fun.

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    We've been to both, and actually liked Couples Tower Isle the best. The views from the room are out of this world.
    Specifically for Tower Isle though, make sure you get up and out on your balcony at least one morning to see the sunrise if it's in a good location. We saw the best sunrises at this resort. Also, make sure you eat at Bayside beginning your meal while it is still light if you can...and have the sun go down and finish it in the dark. Really nice. Eat at Eight Rivers -- best restaurant IMHO in the entire Couples chain. Of course do Dunns River Falls which is included and will only take you 1/2 day. If you are up for au natural, then of course the island - it's so much nicer than Negrils spot. Some folks are disappointed in the beach, but only Tower Isle was deep enough in the swimming area to really enjoy for us, so it was fine. If you want to venture off resort, Scotchie's in Ocho is the place to go for jerk.


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    I have been to both. Was at CN about 5 times before trying CTI. I don't have so much of a 'to-do' list, but a 'set your expectations' list. So...

    The property is like a big hotel. You get to everything through corridors. Don't expect the openness that there is at CN including the rooms will be in hallways like at a hotel.
    The beach is VERY small. Don't expect to talk walks on the beach.
    The sand is not as soft as CN's.
    We found Ocho Rios to much windier than CN.
    There are 4 restaurants like CN, but we found the selections to be limited although Eight Rivers is a great restaurant.
    If you can go with the mindset to not expect surroundings similar or even experience similar to CN, then you will likely have a good time. We just discovered that the long beach and openness of the resort were very important to us. We've been to all 4 and CTI is our least favorite. I will say, if you are really disappointed, if there is room they will relocate you to another property.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Specific question. I know the island is the au naturel area. We are not interested in that. (Don't try to talk us into it. I want to try, but the Mrs is against it. I've been down that road and it's a dead end!) But is there any time when the island is accessible and you don't have to get naked? Like maybe in the evening?

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    After many trips to Sandals in Montego Bay we spent years in Negril at various resorts and finally at CN. Then we tried CTI and LOVED it.

    I think that CTI is quieter than CN, the one large pool at CN can be obnoxious sometimes. We like the ability to spread out at the 2 pools at CTI. We also like the Hotel feel of CTI vs the Motel feel of CN. The restaurants are great at both but Eight Rivers is our favorite for all Couples.

    The beach is limited at CTI but plenty of space for the # of rooms and it is private, no walkers or vendors.

    The island is nice and private, not sure if there is a window that you can go over there and sit. You certainly can go over there for a few and come back. They use it in the evenings for private dinners.

    CSS is also very nice, the beach is not that big there either but the grounds are fabulous and the beachfront rooms are awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike@Debbie View Post
    Specific question. I know the island is the au naturel area. We are not interested in that. (Don't try to talk us into it. I want to try, but the Mrs is against it. I've been down that road and it's a dead end!) But is there any time when the island is accessible and you don't have to get naked? Like maybe in the evening?
    You have a couple of options:

    1> Go on the first boat and walk around - you'll only have 5 minutes or so before people start getting undressed but you can do a very quick tour and go back on the very next boat. You can technically do this at any time but people will think you changed your mind and you'll have to navigate a crowd of naked people... In the morning you can come and go quickly and no-one will notice.

    2> Splurge for the private dinner on the island - it is worth every $ - you will have the island to yourselves and one other couple for several hours - highly, highly recommend. Looking at the stars from the tower is an incredible experience!

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    They will take you over first thing in the morning before it opens for you to be able to take a look around, but soon after you arrive the Island crew will begin to arrive and you will want to leave. So it's enough time to walk around and look at it, but not time to sit and enjoy the view or anything. Just ask water sports and they will take you over there.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We have gone to both locations and love them both. Infact we have been doing split stays for years.
    They both have things they excel at.
    Re' the island times. First thing 8;30, you can get a ride out to check out the island. But after an hour, guessing, you must go AN.
    This gives you time to check out the tower and get some great pictures looking back at the resort.


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    We found the staff at CTI to be friendlier and the food to be the best of all the Couples resorts (although we have not tried CSA). Yes, the resort is basically one large building, more or less, but it has an old-fashioned charm to it. We found the exterior look of the rooms at CN to be plain, almost barrack like. The only thing you won't have at CTI is the 7 mile long beach.

    Access to the island is allowed for photographers and the like from 8:30 am-9:00 am weather permitting. After that, until 5:00 pm, all clothes must come off. Private dinners on the island can be arranged for an evening for a fee. Sometimes the island is reserved for weddings.

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    Other than the island, what I have found makes CTI unique is the view from the oceanfront rooms. Haven't gotten a view like that at either CSS or CN. Its so nice to sit and watch the sun rise, or set, watch the lightning off in the distance, or enjoy your breakfast, coffee, cheese plate or champagne on the balcony. The other is Bayside. There is nothing like it - food or ambience. My wife saw a picture of Bayside when we were looking at places to honeymoon in 1995 and we've been going back every five years since.

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