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    Default Large Plastic Inflatables On The Beach

    We were at CN from June 29th to July 7th, 2018. This is the first time we had people on the beach with these big, plastic inflatables. It reminded us of the New Jersey Shore. We were very disappointed to see this. We always thought that they were not allowed since Couples has the floats on all of the chairs. It took away from the pristine CN beach.
    Just wondered about thoughts on this subject from people that have been going to Couples on repeated trips.

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    We have been to couples three times and have never seen any. I suppose if there were a lot of them it may bother us, but a couple of them wouldn't affect our enjoyment any.

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    Tell me more about these inflatables. I have thought of bringing a blow up drink holder, that holds bunches of cups, to use out in the ocean. But that should not detract from the beauty of the beach. Are these things something that you sit on?

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    We witnessed the same thing during this same week at CSA.

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    We always bring pool noodles down to sit on and float in the ocean while we are enjoying our drinks!

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    I believe there's a "group" that goes that first week of July. It could've been them with the inflatables. I too would be disappointed to see those big ugly things on that beautiful stretch of beach. Just my opinion....

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    Do you mean the inflatable rafts that look like swans and unicorns etc...?? I hate those things! They belong at home in a pool, not at a beautiful Caribbean resort!! Why would anyone bring to Couples anyways, one of the great perks of the resort are the nice foam rafts on every chair?!

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    I think loud music on the beach is more anoying. We see more of this recently. I get a kick out of seeing what couples bring for floaties. I cant beleive people pack noodles . We have never seen the larger blow up floaties though.

    Life is good

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    I saw on a Facebook page that some people are planning on bringing inflatable palm tree drink holders for use in the pools. Iím hoping that this doesnít really happen.

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    I don't get why adults would bring this stuff too. Oy

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