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    Default CTI Ocean Jr Suite Question

    Hi All,

    We just booked the Ocean Jr Suite and were wondering if anyone had any pics of the inside of the room that they would be willing to share here. Also, on the website the pics show the Jacuzzi with a window overlooking the ocean. In one of the videos I saw on YouTube in that room it was in a windowless bathroom. We are hoping that video was mislabeled about the room category. I would really like to sit in the tub in an airy bathroom with the ocean on the other side of the glass.

    Lastly, when we do our pre-check in, is there any specific request we should make with regard to building, suite#, etc? Last year at CSS we were lucky and were given G16 as requested. I don't expect to get lucky again, as this trip will be in Feb, but its like the lottery and I am feeling lucky!

    This is our third Couples trip and I love the brand. We did CN in Apr 2015 and CSS in Dec 2017.

    Thanks in advance!!!!


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    Hello Jim,

    We stayed in an Ocean Jr Suite at CTI once back in 2009. At that time the suites available were in Building 1, which sits directly across the main pool from the Patio restaurant. We believe they may be in perhaps buildings 2 or 3 now also. Our suite did not have a window by the jacuzzi overlooking the ocean but instead was in the bathroom on an interior wall (no window). Here is a link to pictures of our suite: and others of CTI. That room was on the 2nd floor and you can see that the palm trees off the balcony were beginning to impede the view (they've grown taller since). To get the best view we'd recommend requesting an upper level floor.

    It doesn't hurt to ask for the building or suite you'd like. We've done this many times with Couples and they've always done their best to accommodate our request. If the resort capacity is lower, they're more prone to honor your request. The great part of it all is that we spend so little time in our room that it hardly matters. We enjoy all the other parts of their resorts!!

    Have a great visit to CTI!

    Bart & Bug

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