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    Default Delays ..Virgin Atlantic - Flights from / to London

    I am starting to take a keen interest in these flights...only 3 more to go out of London without us!
    Once again they are delayed today (2hrs) this seems to happen every week - the shortest delay I have seen in recent weeks is 45 minutes.
    Has anyone been caught up with this? Were you given a reason? If you used the V lounge were you allowed to stay in there?
    Many Thanks..

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    Left CN on Monday bound for Manchester with Thomas Cook.
    30 minutes out of Manchester then re routed to Gatwick as Manchester had closed all runways so we enjoyed nightmare coach journey home.

    Ellie if you see this before you leave CN tommorrow def check plane has left Gatwick before they transfer you to Airport.

    483 Flights cancelled today out of Gatwick

    Lynne & Karl

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    Already showing a 2 hour delay for tomorrow!!! Don't think its the weather.

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    We have flown three times with Virgin in three years, once to Vegas and twice to Montego Bay. All flight delayed between 1 and 3 hours, anything from a broken lift in the 747, and a 4 hour delay last January waiting for a de-icer!
    This year we are flying BA to CSA at the end of Jan so we wait and see!!

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    Thanks.... see you there - 3 1/4 delay today!! Lets hope for no delays in 3 weeks

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