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    Default Restaurant with a view

    My husband and I stayed a resort many years ago that had a restaurant with a terrace that overlooked the ocean. That was the only memorable thing about that resort and was wondering if any of the Couples resorts also have a restaurant with a great view? We have stayed at CSA and love the resort and the restaurants, but none offered an open terrace for having breakfast. Any suggestions for any of their other resorts?

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    For Breakfast, at CTI you can grab breakfast at the patio and take it out on the terraces by the pool or looby. For that matter, the view from the patio restaunt is pretty good.

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    Dunno how I missed "breakfast", but I did. The terrace does have a wonderful view as well.

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    I suppose it is in the eye of the beholder, but one of my favorite places and times at CSA is breakfast at a table that ovelooks the pool deck at Palms. I find the view of the ocean from those tables to be spectacular. While not elevated it does provide a wonderful view across the beach and out to the ocean. With the sail boats near by and the palm trees rocking in the breeze I think it is an absolutely beautiful spot for breakfast.

    Hope you find a view that suits your requirements, I have certainly found mine.

    And I love the beach too. Did I forget to mention that?

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    Couples Sans Souci has Palazzina Restaurant that has a great breakfast on the terrace overlooking the ocean. We love it.

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    Palazzina at CSS has an open terrace where they serve breakfast. There is a beautiful view across the lawns and beach to the ocean. You can check out all of the restraunts and the view here

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    Xtabi on the cliffs is on a rock terrace over the ocean.

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