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    Default Swept Away Hints Needed

    I traditionally go to CN, but due to the upcoming pool renovations in October, I am going to Swept Away instead.

    Does anyone have any pointers, tips etc about the resort and what to do while I am there?



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    Weíre leaving in 45 minutes for our 16th return to CSA. The food, service and smiles at CSA are the same as CN. What to do? Take advantage of the huge beach, we love early morning walks towards Negril even though we donít make it all the way! We have made it to Hedo going the other direction. Remember to bring some sandals as you leave the beach twice that way. Explore the grounds, there are a few hidden gems and some amazing plants. And finally cross the street to the sports complex. Sand gravity usually wins out, but sometimes itís fun to know what youíre not doing because youíre on vacation. What else, the martini and piano bars are our go to spots before and after dinner! And grab an ice cream cone for that afternoon beach walk. Iím already there in my head. Enjoy your trip, I know that we will.

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    Fish taco's at Sea Grapes. Can't get these at CN and they are wonderful. Check out the sports complex across the road. We like the racquetball and lap pool.

    Life is good

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    Everything at Seagrapes( fish tacos, sweet potato chips, salads), banana stuffed French toast (Patois patio), martini bar above the Palms next to Lemongrass. The spa and awesome sports complex across the street. Take a walk to the left if facing the ocean to shop and bar hop and try some jerk places like Ossies, Best in the West, 3 Dives and others. Hope you love it as much as we do.

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    Enjoy the piano bar, Aura lounge. The sing along with "Ultimate Chocolate" is a lot of fun. Get out and dance at the disco...complete with lit floor like Saturday Night Fever. Enjoy dinner at Feathers (much like Otaheite). Explore the resort including the sports complex. Take a walk on the beach, left is best, check out some of the local shops and meet some of the local folks off the resort. Have fun!!

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    One warning, you will experience Donnavon withdrawl. But Ice Block and some of the others on the CSA beach are great musicians.

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