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    Default December New Years Eve CN

    Whose coming for the New Years party at CN?

    We were there 5 years ago and it was fantastic!

    Jay & Susan will be there Dec 29-6th

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    Bueller? Bueller? ? ? ? Bueller.

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    We will not be at CN for the New Years party so have a great time. We will be there in February and are from the iron range. Please save some red stripe for us.

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    February is a great time to get off the range and go to Jamaica. One of the last few years I lived on the range, it got to 59 degrees below zero. That was a sign to head south. Enjoy your vacation!!

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    We will be there 1/2- 7
    Tom and Sharon

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    We will be there. Coming from CSS on the 29th.
    Don and Michelle

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    Scott and Jaime will be there 12/30-1/4. We attended 3 years ago and loved it!

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    Welcome Scott and Jaime to your second New Years eve party. This will also be our Second time for New Years is truly awesome!

    Jay & Susan

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