Hi, we will be visiting CSS in March, our first ever visit to a Couples resort (or Jamaica for that matter) and can hardly wait.

I have a couple of questions:

a) is there a resort map anywhere? I have been searching but can only find the overview photo on the main site, We will be booking tomorrow and just wondering if we should request a certain building

b) I think we want a one-bedroom Ocean Suite, 2nd floor. Looking for a large, private balcony with loungers and a shower. I have read through all the messages and looked at the room types & I think I'm correct. Could someone please confirm? My fear is that the website states "tub only" in the description and the picture of the balcony looks like you can see over to the next room.

I may have read this is the top floor only, the rest of the balconies are fully enclosed. I know that there are no guarantees with a request but it can't hurt.

Many thanks