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    Default Couples swept away premium

    Has anyone noticed that we are being asked to pay a very high premium to stay at couples swept away in comparison to other hotel offerings in Negril ?
    For example we are going to Swept away at the end of Sept 2018 and we are being asked to pay 68 % more for a basic garden room at Swept away compared to a junior suite at the Hideaway Rolyalton ( adult only)
    This is by no means an exagerrated example

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    Is the Royalton all inclusive?

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    The Hideaway section of the resort is adult-only all inclusive, but the rest of the resort isnít.

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    I noticed that the garden room at swept away is like $100 cheaper than a penthouse at CSS for the same dates. So as much as I'd love to try CSA, CSS is getting my money once again.

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    I have a few opinions on this.

    First. You get what you pay for. In general terms you get a lot more included with Couples than the other resorts. We've looked and always come back to Couples.

    Apparently so do a lot of other people. Like it or not, when it comes right down to it, Couples like any other resort is in business to make money. If they are not making money they are not in business for long. Depending upon the time of the year Couples, or any other resort, looks to maintain a certain occupancy rate. If the people stop coming they may need to adjust their rates to get more people to stay. However, if they cut their rates too much they may also need to cut corners to still make a profit. I would think to see Couples cutting corners like some of the cheaper resorts is the last thing we want to see. There are enough people coming to Couples that they don't feel the need to lower their rates.

    My last observation I can not explain but it is the way it has always been, at least as long as we have known about Couples. The pricing at the Couples resorts in Ocho Rios has always been less expensive than their resorts in Negril. Maybe less overhead in the Ocho Rios resorts? In very general terms their pricing from high to low is Swept Away, Negril, Sans Souci, then Tower Isle.

    In the end, nobody is forcing us to pay Couples prices. You can always choose someplace else. But as I said before, you get what you pay for. We are in the early planning stages for our next trip and there is a 99.999% chance it will be to Couples.
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    We switch back and forth between CSA and CN. We booked CN for early April and did price CSA for the same week. CSA has always been higher. But, I was somewhat shocked by how much. Every room category was open at CSA for the same week we booked CN. I talk with fellow repeaters and we all agree that we are getting less compared to a few years back. But, we keep coming back.

    Lfe is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach-bum View Post
    ... we all agree that we are getting less compared to a few years back.
    Less in what respect? The only "less" I recall is no longer being able to use resort credit for the private sunset cruise.

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    Our first trip to CSA was back in 2006. There have been cutbacks along with the price increases. Small things like turn down service leaving the patois cards and actual shampoo bottles and soap that aren't bolted to the walls. We use to see more fresh flowers in the rooms and more towel sculptures left by housekeeping. Just small changes like these.

    Life is good

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    Default New VP of North American Sales for Couples

    Regarding price increases, I also am noticing price increases and wanted to stay longer this year but may not be able to do so.
    Looking at CN this year, so hope to see a really good special in the summer when we can vacation.
    The Montego Bay newswire for Feb. 13th, 2019 does announce that Pauline Abatemarco-Pigott has been appointed to a newly created Couples Resorts position called VP of North American Sales. She will be working with travel agencies whom the news report states provide much of the business for Couples. Not sure if this will make prices higher and/or lead to any pricey changes or not.
    I enjoyed making my reservations directly with the Couples Resorts customer service and received excellent service and quick response times. VP Pauline: If you are reading, please keep prices in check for us return guests !

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