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    Default CSS Scuba/Dive Contact

    Hoping to get an Email address for Scuba/Dive guys. Have never been diving and would like to make arrangements for classes before arriving.

    From what I understand I can do Online PADI course and complete open water part at resort. What is involved and how long does open water take. I am hoping to get in a several certifird dives during our 9 day stay.


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    Default OW cert dives at CSS

    I dont know the email address to contact the DM at CSS but I do for CSA. I would imagine if you completed the study work before you arrived at CSS you could have your dives in as little as 2 days and be certified. If you would like I can contact the CSA DM and ask him for you.

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    MnYaMon! yes you can do the course online and complete the dives at the resort. You will have pool sessions to do and four dives to do. This will take 2-3 days to have you fully certified. The cost is $120 for the online training and $340 for the pool and dive training. The $120 goes to PADI and the $340 is the hotels cost. The complete course from start to finish is $365 at the hotel, plus this includes log book and reading materials.
    You dont get to keep the book doing the online version. You will end up roughly $120 dollars worst off for studying at home. The book is easy to do!

    Good luck.

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    Default CSS Scuba

    You don't need to prearrange the class with the dive shop. I'm sure they will accommodate you either way. Is it really $340 to do the referral? We paid $365 a couple of years ago at CN for the full certification. We are looking forward to diving at CSS next month!

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the reply\IEs. I signed up to do the PADI online and pool work with local dive shop and will get referral to complete the 4 Open Water dives at CSS.

    MN YaMon (49 DAYS!!)

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