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    Default Iron and Ironing Board included at CTI?

    The best half wants to know if there is an Iron and Ironing Board included at CTI in the rooms?

    Me, I'll just be wearing whatever is not dirty. I don't much care about wrinkles cept the ones on my face but Nutten I can do about them..........

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    yep, it is usually stored in the closet. You might want to bring a light weight extension cord as many of the rooms do not have very many outlets for plugs which are standard such we have in the states.

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    Thank you!!!!!

    Good advice on the power cord.


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    Rosco, tell your best half to roll her clothes and they will hardly wrinkle at all! Then hang them in the bathroom while you shower and PRESTO!!! No need to spend valuable time in the room ironing. BUT,,,if she insists, then yes, there is a iron and ironing board. See ya in a week!!!

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    At what point to you think she started to listen to me? Hee Hee....

    She is like Frank Sinatra Bro....Ha Ha. She does it "Her Way".

    By the way, I did mention rolling her clothes (i am doing it) and she is considering it.......



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