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    Default Fitness Center Classes - CSA

    Are the fitness classes at CSA as per the written schedule on the Couples website? Specifically, I've heard mention of spining classes? 16 days and counting down.....

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    There are usually spinning classes. Typically one around 9 or 10 and one around 3 or 4. The classes they offer depend on who they have as the visiting instructor that week, however, they always have lots of classes to offer. (At least they have while I was there...) Usually they have one Yoga/Pilates instructor who teaches two classes and one Aerobics/Spin instructor who teaches two classes.

    Have fun!


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    Vee is right. I don't believe there is a "set" schedule, and it is subject to change.
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    Default I can help you...

    I'm just finishing up the week as the visiting fitness instructor at CSA, so I can tell you what it was this week, although it's always subject to change.

    Spinning is offered Monday, Wed., and Fri. at 9:00 AM, and Tuesday, Thursday, Sat. and Sun. at 5:30 PM (with an intro to spin at 5:00 PM Tues/Thurs). Bootcamp is offered at 5:30 PM and Thursday at 9:00 AM and Body shaping is offered at 5:30 PM Wed. and Friday. ABS is offered Mon., Wed., Fri. and Sun. at 5:00 PM. These are the classes in the fitness room, there are more on the beach. Also, Pilates and Yoga are offered at 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM each day. If you need more info let me know!


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    Default I'm the instructor 2/7 to 2/14

    I'll be down at CSA the week of Feb 7 teaching spinning, step, kickbox, reggae abs and body pumping. I hope to see some of you there!

    This is my second teaching vacation at Swept Away. You can't beat the facilities!
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    Shanna & Val -- if you don't mind my asking, what kind of facilities did they put you in? (What room type?) I've been thinking about doing the visiting instructor vaca (I teach Yoga and Spinning at home) but didn't know about the room types.

    Also Shanna - What classes did they have on the beach this trip? Looking forward to trip #4 to CSA in May.

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    Hey Vee, a regular garden view room. Last time mine was close to the lobby and the fitness center.


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