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    Default I am ready....Ready right now....Hugs

    I am so ready for CN and CSS..But I guess I must wait until April...April?? Yes,April 2010.

    CN...Couples Negril
    CSS..Couples Sans Souci
    Oh,how I love typing these words.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    The Couples Resorts are in our brains.

    For the past several months Peggy and I have taken many road trips thru out the USA..These trips are set up to see and visit as many guests of Couples as we can.We make arrangements to have lunch with many and spend the night with others..We talk Couples at each stop...Couples has enhanced our lives so much
    we are READY to return to The Couples resorts.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    You have no idea how ready I am for you to get to Couples. I must admit that it is very self-serving though. I, Like many others (you and Peggy included) enjoy the banter, stories, advice, etc. that you find on the message board. I find it fun to watch the posts of others as their trip draws near. You, like I, are on the board a lot just before and just after our trips. Then, we tak a little time off from the board....not completely neglecting it though......before rekindling our excitement. I get an extra charge when you hit the board hard and heavy because I know you and Peggy are close and that means that shortly after you return, Audra and I will be leaving to enjoy our ten days in paradise.

    So to all that may read honor of Tommywommy and Peggy weggy...........let the discussions of those "Nasty" SALTY DOGS begin.....PLEASE DON'T LET TOMMY CONVINCE ANYONE ELSE THAT THE TASTE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

    Best Wishes,

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    i share your same passion and love for couples. everyone i meet, the subject of jamaica and couples always comes into the conversation, i just hope someday, when you and i tell everyone of our family at couples there will always be room for us.
    one love wayne

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    Default The Salty Dog!!

    In Tommy's defense I must say the Salty Dog is not THAT bad! I actually like the mix of Grapefruit juice & Vodka in a salt rimmed glass! I even drink at home sometimes. Yes, the bartenders do look at me funny, but who cares!

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