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    Default Activities from CTI…

    Has anyone done the Margaretville tour from CTI… From my understanding it is about an hour drive or more right? And if so how come it leaves at 10:30pm? That means we don’t get there until after midnight… and more importantly how do you get back? Are you on a schedule or do you have to just get your own cab back? And if so approximately how much would that cost…

    The other non included activity I was looking at was the Dolphin experience. Read a bunch of reviews and looks like a lot of fun. I know it is extra $200 (depending on what level you do). Is it easy to get a cab from the resort and how far is it does anyone know? Anyone done that and have personal experience…

    We do plan on doing the included activities such as horseback riding, Scuba diving and Dunn’s falls, are there any others recommendations that we should look into?


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    Margaritaville is near the cruse docks in downtown Ochi. Its no more a 10 minute drive. We stuck our head in their after visiting Dave's Lobster Shack last trip. We loved Daves, but we were unimpressed with Margaritaville.

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    The trip to Margaritaville takes less than 20 minutes. It's in Ocho Rios. It leaves at 10:30pm after the beach party. They do bring you back.

    You can set up the trip to Dolphin Cove right at the hotels tour desk. If you wanted to do it on your own you can get a taxi at the resort. Just be sure you make arrangements for the return trip to the resort.

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    We are coming late January and are planning on Jamiaca Zipline Adventure Tours and YS Falls. Been to Duns, nice.

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    It's not an hour away. Margaritaville is in downtown Ocho Rios, which is about 15 minutes from CTI. You leave that late because that's when the Margaritaville party starts. The Couples bus will bring you back around but if you want to stay later or leave sooner, a cab would run around $15-$20.

    The Dolphin excursion is about 10 minutes from the resort (right next to Dunn's River Falls). A cab is very easy to get - just ask one of the guest services staff or bellhops to get one for you.

    The one tip I will give you is not to overplan. I know you want to get the most our of your vacation by doing all of the activities, but once you're there, do what you feel like, when you feel like it. There might be a day that you wake up and feel like not leaving the resort, or even your room

    Have a great trip!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Okay I am assuming there must be more than one Margaritaville in Jamaica, I saw a post a while ago saying it was close to CN or in Montego Bay... I guess that is why I am confused.

    Thanks for all the info everyone. Amy don’t worry, good advise all I’m doing is making a list of “Must do” and “may not do” stuff… no intention of actually making plans until we get there, see what the weather is like, how we feel etc…

    I have to be honest, unless someone jumps in and tells me otherwise, I am thinking Margaritaville is on the probably not list… Why spend extra money on booze when you can drink all you want at the resort… anyone see any reasons to go other than just escape for a night?

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    Hi Trimada;
    Yes, there are several Margaritalville's in Jamaica. We've been to 3. It is a real tourist trap to be honest. Last year we went and it was 36 dollars for 2 drinks in the tall plastic glasses. Go once so you can say you've been but that is all.

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    my personal opinion....don't waste your money!

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    I would agree with adding Margaritaville to the "probably not" list, especially if you've ever been to one before - they're all the same. And like the others have said, there is one in Negril, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, as well as an Air Margaritaville in the airport.
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Default Margaritaville

    hi all,

    is it a far walk to margaritaville when they drop you off on the shopping trips? i know they go during the day and we were thinking of just seeing the place and maybe having a drink. i think the trip at night is too late.

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    Here are the excursions we did and we loved them all:
    Included with CTI:
    horseback riding
    Dunn's River Falls
    Sunset Catamaran
    Hobie Cat
    Excursions we paid extra for:
    Camel riding at Prospect Plantation (same place as horseback)
    Dolphin Cove (we did the "swim with" experience with two dolphins and it's awesome!)
    Green Grotto Caves
    Zip-lining through Chukka Caribbean tours
    We signed up for the extra $ excursions through the CTI tour desk. Enjoyed every excursion and had a blast the entire week. Have fun!

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    Island Village shopping takes you to the center that includes Margaritaville. As someone else said, very expensive for drinks--$10 for a beer and a coke and they were warm. We did not go back at night. Personally, we have a hard time staying up much past 10, let alone 10:30 or longer. After sunning, eating and drinking all day, no energy left to pay to party. We have eaten at the Margaritaville at the airport while we waited for our flight. It wasn't bad and it wasn't anymore expensive than anywhere else at the airport. Anywhere you eat at the airport expect to pay $$.

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