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  • Yes, it is very important for me to have a real card

    10 5.99%
  • No, since it has no real other use, I do not need a real card

    119 71.26%
  • It's nice to have the card, but I don't care one way or the other

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    Default Do you really NEED a Romance Rewards card?

    Greetings to all:

    As part of our ongoing GREEN initiatives, we are contemplating the actual need for us to print and send Romance Rewards cards. In actuality, the cards are just for you to have some physical evidence of your membership.

    Here is the process to get your card as it stands now:

    1. You register for Romance Rewards,
    2. We have a machine that prints your new ID number on a previously designed plastic card.
    3. The card is then affixed to a pre-printed paper introduction letter, hand folded and inserted in a paper envelope.
    4. The envelope is handed to our mailroom manager who then posts the envelope and takes it to the post office.

    Besides the cost of the plastic cards, paper letter and envelope, there is postage and labor added to the process.

    The real question is do you NEED a card? It would be a much greener process - not to mention less expensive - for us to simply process your registration and email you your ID registration.

    What do you think? Cards or no Card?

    Couples Resorts

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    I really had to laugh when I saw the current results of the poll. It was such a "no brainer" for me, "No, I do not need a card'. When I viewed the results, it looks as though we all think alike. As of this post, 12,24 4:03 , 100% for getting rid of the card. Well, I thought it was funny in my own weird way.


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    No cards needed. Good idea.

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    Over the years, I've been weeding out the unnecessary cards. Keeps the wallet thin (especially since there's rarely any cash in it - one of the attributes of a married man) and leaves more room for photos.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    No need for a card, Randy. We didn't even get ours until after our return visit and all we needed was the magic number. I'd rather just take the number written on the back of my travel agent's business card than have to carry another plastic card around in my wallet.
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    The card is cool, but not required.
    Irie Mon

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    To be honest I've begged and pleaded to get my card for almost a year now and haven't received it. Might be easiest to implement such a "cardless" program. You would need some way to make sure people don't need to ever remember their number for themselves though, with only a letter people would likely lose track of it. A card is easy to carry in a wallet or whatever you use to carry travel documents in with your frequent flyer cards and such. A letter would be easy to mistake as trash and be thrown away. If the actual number isn't needed then that wouldn't matter and a card is a mute point. If I know I don't "need" it then I don't care if I have one or not.

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    I like having the card...but I could do without long as I get an email with a 'paper card'.... I only carry it when I am in Jamaica..

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    Agreed that there's really no need for a card. Would be nice if the RR# could be stored in one's account with the resort so there would be no need for the guest to have it handy.

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    No card required for us. Great idea.

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    Ditto the no need for a card. Really, the only purpose it serves is to make me smile when I run across it in my purse. While that's not a bad thing, I'd rather not waste the plastic. As long as Couples maintains an online way to log on to your account and a way to ID me when I come to the resort regardless of who I book through, then there's no need for a card.

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    Have the card. Took the card. Know the account number by heart and never got the card out of my purse! Don't need them as long as you know your account number!
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I don't think we have ever carried ours with us anyway- no need for it

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    I'm fine with one less card. It seems these days everyone wants to give you a card -- keeping track of them all is itself a chore.

    My only request would be a way to retrieve the number easily -- maybe by inputting an email address and PW, etc. on this site. If it's only emailed to me, it'll get "lost."

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    Interesting in that I don't recall ever getting a card... but I do have my number and that is all that I need. Save the paper and keep the cost down.

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    We do not need the card-like Shari I had the card with us to show but I know our number and pre-check-in so a card is not needed. Thanks and this is a very good idea.

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    I have the card I received a couple of years ago when we signed up for the program. I did not see much need for it then, I sure don't see a need now. Although it is in the "Jamaica" box with all our other paraphernalia that we have collected from our previous trips.

    Truth be told, in my blissful ignorance I am not even sure what our rewards may be, if we have any at all. I guess that I need to do some searching on the web site to see what we may be entitled to for our June visit. Mrs. dirtleg is all in for a massage or some shopping credit at the gift shop. My reward is just being lucky enough to visit CSA once in a while and enjoy all that they have to offer. But that's just me.

    Oh, and I love the beach. Have I mentioned that lately?

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    Hi, Both my husband and I signed up for Reward Cards about a month ago. We have not received a card. I really don't want an actually card, but I would like to have the numbers and a letter to say we are confirmed.

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    We also don't require a card but returned from CSA 3 weeks ago and showed the card at check-in but still our account has not been updated. Does that not happen automatically at check-in? We've booked another trip to CSS end Jan and are wondering if it will be updated prior to our arrival, so the resort will know how many nights we have so far at Couples? Sorry, not sure how all this works.

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    This might sound stupid to all of you..but what exactly is a romance rewards card?I was in CN in October,but never got one,nor heard of anything like this.

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    The card is just another card to keep track of so I'd just as soon not have one. Ours is just in with my travel doc holder that I carry when we travel but I could just as easily have printed out a copy of a confirmation e-mail to stick in with the RR# on it. Cards can go in my opinion. I hate having to carry all those rewards cards from every grocery store, drug store, hardware store, pet food store, etc. My wallet is bulging.

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    From a newbie's perspective, first off I never knew Romance Cards were even issued, and to this day I'm still not sure what purpose they serve. So as far as I'm concerned, with today's technology, whatever purpose the card serves, I'm sure this can be handled via the PC.

    Hey, any amount of $$$ Couples can save in order to concentrate their expenditures on providing the best service possible, definitely works for me.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    I'm with everyone else....don't really "NEED" a card, but am glad I got mine!! I will hold onto it as a memory of the past

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    Couples Resorts

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    Huh...was I supposed to get a card? I never got the "card" nor have I ever needed it. I put the RR number with the passports and after I book my airline tickets, I write it on the airline e-ticket. That way I don't need to "remember" it when I fill out the check in paperwork (I need the airline e-ticket anyways to fill out the departing flight info).

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