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    Default january photo contest

    Our Beautiful Views on Tower Isle!
    1. View from the side of the pool bar
    2. View from the grill looking out to the pool
    3. View from the beach looking towards Bayside
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    Default January Photo Contest

    Pictures from our recent trip to paradise, CSA.

    1. "No shirt, no shoes...No problem!"
    2. Relaxing in paradise
    3. Captured a beautiful sunset over the water

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    Default January Photo Contest

    As a first-timer to Jamaica (Dec 6-12, 2009), I was blown away by how beautiful the country is and the superior Couples Tower Isle resort. My pictures are proof!

    Photo 1 shows the breathtaking postcard-perfect scenery of the CTI beach. What a wonderful way to forget about work for a week!

    Photo 2 depicts the fun we had mooning each other during our beautiful sunset catamaran cruise. Hello all you fellow moonies out there!

    Photo 3 is evidence of just how much “love is in the air” at Couples resorts. This was one of FIVE romantic intimate weddings we saw take place on the beach. One was more picturesque than the next. What a lovely view while enjoying the water bike ride with my wife. Makes me want to come back soon for our own vow renewal ceremony!
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    Default January Photo Contest

    Couples Tower Isles August 29, 2009 - September 5, 2009

    1. Delmar And I enjoying our shawdows on the beautiful beach

    2. Our names written in the Tower Isle sand to show our loves for each other and Couples

    3. My husband Delmar with his favorite Blue Tower Isle shirt looking out at the water
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    Renewing vows at CTI after 24 years
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    Our family vacation at CSA! Visited CSA December 6th-13th 2009
    This was our third visit to CSA and every year we bring a new family couple with us. Looking forward to December 2010 with yet another family couple.
    1. The 8 of us on the beach in our Santa hats. Underneath I put the same picture but wanted you to see what was on our hats that I made.
    2. The girls with one of the great security guards.
    3. We visited one of the schools in the hills my son and daughter-in-law with all the children that were very happy to receive all the school supplies we took for them.
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    Hi My wife and I went to CTI in late October of this past year for our Honeymoon. It was amazing! Here are three pics I would like to submit to the photo contest.

    Photo 1 - A beautiful Jamaican sunrise taken by my wife on our balcony.

    Photo 2 - A Macro shot taken by me of some of the flowers we received. It was taken on the balcony with the island and the crystal blue water behind it.

    Photo 3 - A shot of my wife lounging in the water with beautiful CTI in the background! We missed it the day we left!

    We cant wait to go back! Thanks for considering us.
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    nice pictures

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    Default Couples Negril

    Couples Negril, April 06-13th,2009.
    I had to display some of our best meals! Definitely the best food we've ever had at any resort! (mmmm.. pumpkin soup)
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    Default Quaint, Quiet, Couples.....

    Honeymoon in Ocho Rios, Jamaica at Couples Tower Isle in 2009!

    1. Nightly Entertainment
    2. "Just Married" Footprints To LifeLong Happiness
    3. Panoramic Sunrise With Rain In The Distance
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    1. Miquel & Brandy Couples Party Animals
    2. Brandy a little bare at the beach
    3. Couples at my finger tips
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    Default Scenic Sans Souci

    We had our honeymoon at Sans Souci and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to come back for our second anniversary. These are pics from our second trip. We are not sure what trip we enjoyed the most. They each left us with fond memories.

    Photo #1: Enjoying our beautiful view and listening to the wonderful nightly entertainment.

    Photo #2: Hallway leading to paradise.

    Photo #3: Tranquil setting.
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    Default CTI Oct 13-20

    1. catamaran on a very windy day.
    2. jumping off the bow of the cruise.
    3. jumping into the unknown
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    I love your dress. Would you mind sharing more pics of your vow renewal? I am getting married in May and I would love to see them. Also, can I ask where you got your dress?

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    Default Christmas

    It's wonderful to see everyone enjoying such a wondeful place.

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    Default January Photo Contest

    1. After spending our honeymoon at CSA Sept 08 we encouraged our best friends to get married at CSA in Sept of 09…and of course we came along…heres to a wonderful life together & many more trips to CSA together…CHEERS!

    2. Just an absolutely tranquil setting…SOOO beautiful~

    3. In addition to the most fabulous beach, CSA has absolutely beautiful lush grounds throughout the resort!
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    Default Making shade at CSS

    We know much work goes into keeping the shades shady, and was tickled to catch this worker in the act of shade-making.
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    Default Jan Photo Contest

    [COLOR="Blue"]1. Wedding sign and our new wedding rings
    2. Liquid sunshine
    3. Sunset, couples float style[/COLOR]
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    Default Our trip to Couples....again!

    These are from our recent trip back to Couples Swept Away for the 3rd time!

    1. Get up, Have a drink, open the laptop, and read the Couples message board on our porch!
    2.The view from our porch! Stunning!!
    3.My wife's Birthday painting, symmetrically placed on the bed!

    July 2006
    February 2008
    November, December 2009
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    Default January photo competition

    Pictures from our recent trip to Couples Swept Away

    1/ Home is where the heart is
    2/ Liquid Sunshine
    3/ Where th sun doesnt shine

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    Kaz n Mike

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    Kris and Jamie
    CTI Oct 2009


    Evening at the Spa

    Moment of Zen

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    Default CSA January 2010

    1. We love our big balcony Beachfront Suite at CSA ... especially our feathered friends who enjoyed helping themselves to whatever we were drinking or eating.
    2. Seven days at CSA just isn't enough to quench our thirst for Jamaica, we need to win 3 more days for our next trip home!
    3. Flowers, sunset & love at Couples Swept Away on our 6th anniversary of getting married at the resort.
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    These are photos from our trip to CSA in July 2008. I was Open Water Certified at the resort.
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    Default Island Reflections

    On our January 2010 (14th) visit to CTI we were pleased to see a new restroom near Bayside included in the renovation of our favorite resort. Name:  Couples contest.jpg
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