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    Default WeddingMoon photos for Jan contest

    We had such a great time, exceeded our expectations!
    1) Our hammock after a romantic evening stroll
    2) Watching for the sun to set each evening, while playing in the sand and surf
    3) Jamaican Snowman... too bad we have the real deal now in upstate NY
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    Default Jan 2010 Photo Contest

    This picture looks like absolute paradise - when I show friends and family this their first reaction is I want to go THERE!!! This was taken on the beach at CSS. Can't wait to return!

    Katie Tastad
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    Default Swept Away swept us away once again...

    Couples Swept Away for the 2nd time...even better then the first!
    2 beautiful sunsets and the view from Sea Grapes... mmmm....

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    Default BaySide Experience

    I took this photo after my wife and I enjoyed a beautiful dinner at the Bayside Restaurant at Tower Isle on 12-16-09. Beautiful experience.
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    Default Beach Beer Pic

    Quote Originally Posted by FoundationGal View Post
    Red Stripe on the Sans Souci beach tops any Corona commercial out there.
    FoundationGal, can you email me the full size pic of the Beach Beers ?? I want to use it as my desktop picture if you don't mind. You can send it to jannett and mark @ hughes dot net

    Thanks !!
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    Default Photo Contest

    1. Catamaran Cruise - CSA
    2. Beachside Entertainment - CSA
    3. Ahhhh....Jamaica - CSA
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    Default Just Chill'en in Sandles Negril warm evening waters

    What a great way to "chill" in the warm breezes of Jamaica
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    Default Dreaming of going back!

    Can't wait to come back and nap in our hammock
    Like a dream come true...
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    Here's our favorite picture from Christmas 2009....and yes...that's our room
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    Default The one and only

    One of the best things about Couples Tower Isle is the bartenders. So often these guys and girls are forgotten, but man they do a great job! Here's the infamous "Bob Marley", reason enough to return!
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    Quote Originally Posted by endorn View Post
    We had such a great time, exceeded our expectations!
    1) Our hammock after a romantic evening stroll
    2) Watching for the sun to set each evening, while playing in the sand and surf
    3) Jamaican Snowman... too bad we have the real deal now in upstate NY
    Love the "snowman"...

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    CSA 12/27-1/02
    #1=useful feet
    #2=tomorrow soon come
    #3=CSA a heavenly view
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    Default Swept Away

    Our stay at Swept Away November 22, 2009. Fabulous ! I have to say the service is exceptional, our room lovely, and the food is the best. We have already booked for our next trip this February.
    #1 Ahhhh Red Stipe
    #2 Everyone loves a sunset.
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    Default Everything sparkles when you're at Couples !!

    1. Very impressive shade situated in the Piano Bar at CN.
    2. Possibly one too many Margaritas !!

    Stayed CN (4th visit) 26 Dec 2009 - 9 Jan 2010
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    Default CN - March '09

    Pic 1 & 2 - The beautiful Negril sunsets...
    Pic 3 - A lizard posing for his closeup!

    Couples, Negril - March 2009
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    Default Swept Away memories

    These are pictures from our 17th visit to Swept Away. They remind us of the beautiful flowers and the resourcefulness of the staff. There are always new wonders to behold and new people to meet.
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    Default Couples Negril 5/3-5/11 2009

    Pic 1 is just before a very swanky dinner (YUM)
    Pic 2 is the essence of the best staff we've ever encountered.
    (Has anyone ever had more fun repairing a chair? I haven't)
    Pic 3 is just one of those western Jamaica sunsets you have to see to believe.

    When an organization employs people who saunter and plod through the motions feigning courtesy at every encounter... that's unremarkable. That's what is to be expected in most cases. When one encounters (literally) dozens of people who are, at their core, genuinely enthusiastic about what they represent...Who smile about what they can bring to your experience... who take joy in making outsiders feel entirely welcome...That's a Couples resort. That's why my wife and I had a better honeymoon than we even dared to hope for. That's why we phoned our travel agent yesterday to book our one year anniversary back to Couples for this April. Like everyone else who has dipped a toe in paradise, we are chomping at the bit to get "back home".
    MUCH LOVE!!!
    -Michael and Diana Drinkuth
    Asheville NC
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    Default Swept Away flora

    On our 17th visit to Swept Away in December, this is an example of one of the many beautiful plants that adorn the grounds and help to make the visit special.
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    Couples San Souci April 2009

    1. The Perfect Beach

    2.The Perfect View

    3.The Perfect Adventure
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    Default Get me out of the Snowy OHIO I need Sunny JAMAICA

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    Default Jan 2010 photo contest

    We stayed at CN October 2009 for 11 wonderful nights, this was our 4th visit. We hope to come back home soon.
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    In spite of 4 days of heavy wind and rain, we loved our time at CTI. The wonderful and always friendly staff is a big part of the reason

    Please enjoy our pictures:

    1. The promise of sun- it worked!
    2. Tower Isle on Christmas Eve
    3. On the beach with the one I love- our last night
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    Default Favorite pics from Couples San Souci - Nov 2009

    1. Our hammock on the hill
    2. Who knew the view from the *elevator* was so gorgeous?
    3. We've been known to howl at the moon on occasion...
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    Default Oh how I love going au naturel!

    Couples San Souci - Jan 2007

    Looking forward to celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary at CTI in July!
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    Default Couples SanSouci

    1. Fishing at Sunset
    2. Farewell Charlie
    3. Growing Love
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