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    Default January Photo Contest

    Here are a few pictures from our recent trip back home to CTI.
    1. Merry Christmas from TI
    2. Finally after the rain the boat gets launched
    3. A beautiful view towards bayside, the water is stunning
    4. My view of TI at breakfast
    5. Santa arrives!
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    Couples Swept Away Christmas 08
    This Sanda Clause has moved south, no melting guaranteed

    Couples Sans Souci Christmas 09
    I had to tell this duck to keep moving, no parking!!!

    Window to the Caribbean

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    Christmas at the Starlight Gala

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    Looking up in the rain with the steam from the hot tub

    180 Degree Panoramic View from the Hammock in front of Dahlia (CSS)

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    Default 1st picture - Bob wants to go home 2nd - office of nature 3rd - security on the bea

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    Pictures from our wedding at CTI ,now planing anniversary at CSA in oct.
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    Default Beach Beer

    Red Stripe on the Sans Souci beach tops any Corona commercial out there.
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    Default Flower in Paradise

    "Flower in Paradise" - Hibiscus with beautiful Sans Souci in the background.
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    Default Sun is shining, the weather is sweet!

    All the way from Italy, enjoying Couples Tower Isle!
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    Default Is this Love?

    Yes this is all the love we are feeling for each other as well as the island of Jamaica and the wonderful Couples Tower Isle!
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    Default We love jamaican pizza!

    Greetings from Italy,
    We love Jamaican pizza!
    Ya mon

    (Visited Couples Tower Isle from Dec.5-12 2009)
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    Default Sunset at Couples Swept Away

    ... just another beautiful sunset at Swept Away Beach...
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    Default Honeymoon in Jamaica at Couples Swept Away

    We loved everything about Couples Swept Away. Jamaica was beautiful and the people were awesome. We hope to go back soon!

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    Default I love Sans Souci!

    Literally the best vacation I've ever had and I'm already planning to go back! The picture I call "Happy Toes" hangs in my office to remind me of the beautiful beaches, friendly people and great time to be had at Sans Souci!
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    Default Couples Negril Dec 2009 Stay

    After the sunset cruise, enjoy an evening dining at the Lychee Restaurant & later Wine Tasting in the Piano Bar.
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    Default Oh the memories...

    Couples Tower Isle
    Picture 1: Seeing this rainbow as we entered our room made the guilt of leaving our two babies at home simply vanish. :-)

    Picture 2: They just thought the pool bar was fun during the daytime! :-)
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    Default January Photo Contest

    1. Toes and Tower Isle
    2. Love the American Flags
    3. Beauty on the Bridge
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    Default January Photo Contest

    Our first time at CSS Dec. 2009

    1. Sunset Sax CSS
    2. Dusk falls on CSS
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    Default January Photo Contest

    First time at CSS Dec. 2009

    3. Sailing SSB at CSS
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    Default "Breathe Easy" at CSS

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    Default Couples,Negril

    1.oh my!!!
    2.My two very relaxed feet
    3.My sweety and I in the pool
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    Default Return visit home to CSA 11/09

    A few of our favorite sunsets calling us home again!
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    Default 2nd sweet

    Vow renewal ceremony on the chic!

    That sunset was worth waiting 6 years to get back here for!!

    Welcome, welcome, please don't ever make me leave!
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    Default January 2010 photo contest entry

    Our vacation to CTI was simply amazing! Food, staff, and accommodations were A++! Here's my favorite photos that show just how spectacular our trip was:
    Photo 1: Enjoying the gorgeous Jamaican sunset while simultaneously getting amused by my husband's jumps off our catamaran party cruise. Big Bamboo rocks!
    Photo 2: Getting surprised and exhilarated by soaking in the enjoyment of the refreshing (and cold!) waterfall at Dunn's River.
    Photo 3: Taking advantage of the winds during a relaxing afternoon on a thrilling Hobie Cat sailing adventure at Couples Tower Isle. So many water sports, so little time!
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    Default Christmas at Couples

    Couples Swept Away
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