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    Default December Photo Contest

    Pictures from our magical trip to Couples San Souci and our first trip to Jamaica, but not our last.

    1. Our first evening
    2. Gateway to the Caribbean
    3. Toes on Sunset Beach

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    Default December Photo Contest

    Hello All,

    Tis the season to win the photo contest! We can't wait to see your photos!
    Romance Rewards and Preferred Agency Program
    Couples Resorts!

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    Default fun in november at sans souci

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    Default Photo Contest Entries

    Hope you like our Photos! We loved our Couples Wedding!
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    We visited Tower Isle for our Honeymoon 10/19-10/28

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    Default 30th anniversary Couples Swept Away 11/19-11/24

    When we had to pick the perfect spot for our 30th anniversary, we chose Couples Swept Away in Negril. It was heaven on earth!
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    Default Enough scenery......

    Hot hot hot......Tonight, Gregory Isaacs LIVE AT bourbon beach...its gonna be Hot hot hot....

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    Default December Photo Contest

    These pictures were from our amazing honeymoon at Couples Swept Away in Negril Jamaica.

    1. The fire spitting guy (with a little creative help) from the beach party, which we did not expect the beach party to be that extravagant, it was a great time!

    2. A little sand writing on the beach.

    3. Our trip back on the catamaran ride. That rum punch is GOOD!

    Such a great time...we WILL be back!
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    Default Our photos from our trip to CSA Nov 19-24

    1: View of sunset on the beach - this is what makes CSA the best
    2: Paradise with a view
    3: View from our floats while enjoying some cold drinks
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    Default Pic Me, Pic Me!! (No pun intended)

    1. Dude Selling Seashells By The Seashore
    2. Strolling musician, can you feel the tranquility?
    3. Since I was a little girl all I wanted was to drink from a Coconut..Got my wish. It was everything I dreamt it would be.
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    Default Couples Negril August 8-15th 2009

    Hey there! This was our second trip to CN and fabulous as usual!

    Picture #1 - our daily exercise routine.
    Picture #2 - messing around on a rainy day.
    Picture #3 - we asked a guest walking by if he would take our picture and this is what we got. We figured it was one too many Bob Marleys. Cracks us up every time we look at it!

    See you next year!
    Ben & Sarah from Charlotte NC.
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    Picture 1 - Sunset on our first night
    Picture 2 - Sunbeams before a brief rainshower
    Picture 3 - Moonset from our patio the morning we left

    This was our first trip to Jamaica and Couples, definitely not our last!
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    Default 2nd Anniversary at CSA

    Pictures from our first trip to Couples Swept Away, 27 Nov - 4 Dec 09.

    1. What a beach!
    2. Our first look at CSA from TimAir
    3. One of many beautiful sunsets from our balcony
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    Couples Negril
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    Stayed at Couples Negril Nov25-Dec2

    Pic #1 Snorkelling excursion - fish welcoming the guests
    Pic #2 Snorkelling excursion - colorful coral closeup
    Pic #3 Morning shot of the Swimup Bar at CN

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    Default CSS November 14-28

    We loved our trip as "newbies" to Couples. Celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary at CSS.

    1. "Special" turn down service on anniversary night (floor lined with rose petals and candles.
    2. Lobster night
    3. crab trying to escape up the waterfall at Charlie's spa
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    Our Honeymoon to Tower Isle in November. The most amazing week of our lives!!!

    1. Our reason for the trip to couples...FINALLY MARRIED!!
    2. Dusk at Tower Isle
    3. Part of the delicious breakfast buffet
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    Default Pictures from past visits to Couples

    1. His & Hers March 25th, 2009 Couples Sans Souci
    2. A Mirror Back in Time... Couples Tower Isle 2008
    3. A beautiful depth of games, relaxation, romance, and fun... Couples San Souci

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    Name:  A Mirror back in time.jpg
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    Name:  A depth of games, relaxation, romance, and fun....jpg
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    Default Photo Contest

    Our week at Couples Negril was simply amazing!
    1. dancing the night away on the catamaran
    2. a beautiful Jamaican sky
    3. a cray man diving at Ricks
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    Default Couples negril

    1.A beautiful view from the deck
    2.Sunset on the Catamaran Cruise
    3.One of many gorgeous tropical flowers in Jamaica
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    Default Pics from last week...Oh let me go back home to CSA soon...

    1. Artist on the Catamaran
    2. Crazy cloud that had all kinds of lightning
    3. Sail on the cruise
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    Default Love and Jamaica Sunsets

    Couples Negril will always keep you by the water at Sunset.
    Love keeps comming and comming at each sunset
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    a few from our first trip to CTI...

    1- good scenery for a midnight swim
    2- watch your fingers!
    3- the island and her taxi

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    1. Just married
    2. Catamaran Cruise
    3. CSA bridge
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