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Thread: December 2010

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    Hi Carolyn - we will be there the same time as you this year. 12/10-12/18. I think we are booked next yr on 12/10-12/17. You will be there a couple days before us next yr. Can't wait to see you guys. Larry and I are always talking about you two. How is your summer going? Hope your sister is still doing well. Keep in touch.

    Melody - how r u doing? Haven't been on facebook to much lately. Been very busy with my granddaughter during the day and job hunting at night. Just got done applying to 28 jobs. One day someone will call me. They have to run out of applicants sooner or later. have a great week.

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    OK CAROLYN - as of midnight - we are officially at 150 days or 21.5 weeks. Still like the weekly countdown. But we're getting closer to our double digit dance

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    OK - just looked at my countdown. 145 days until CN and noticed I get to do the double digit dance on my birthday. What a birthday present!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone is having a great summer

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    Default first timers

    My fiance and I will be at CN Dec.6-13, 2011. Cannot wait, it is our first time.

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    Time is going by pretty quickly we only have 146 days left; we started at 277 days. That seemed like an eternity at the time. Hopefully the remainder will go just as quickly.

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    hi Carolyn & Bill
    We will be at CN 12/10-12/18 2010. Right now we are booked for 12/10-12/17 2011. We wouldn't miss beeing with you. Have to keep you up-right Carolyn.

    Don't know what it is like there, but it has been sooo hot here. We did get a little cool spell today, only low 90's. Had a chance to cut the back yard. Saturday suppose to be 110. Won't complain though with the winter we had.

    Carolyn - how is your sister doing? 140 days until paradise

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    Hey, we will be back to Jamaica Dec. 4th through though the 11th.
    And Mark and i will be diving every day
    This is our 7th trip back to our favorite island, and resort.
    Look forward to sharing the dive boat with ya.

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    moving up - 133 days. that means in 34 days I will be another year older. That suckes!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone is having a great summer. Been a little to hot for me. Didn't even want to venture out to use the pool in the back yard for almost a week. Weather is suppose to be getting a little cooler for at least 2 days. Ready to start packing for CN. Can't wait

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    moving up - 118 days until we leave for Philly to catch our plane at 6am on Friday. Can't wait

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    Kris and Jessie, Heading to CTI for the first time Dec. 11 - 18. Hope to enjoy the sun and make some new friends!!

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    JessienadKris - Welcome - hope to see you while we are there - watch for the meet up at the pool bar during your week. We call it the Christmas Hatters Meet-up. Bring your favorite christmas hat and wear to the meet up. 1st was last yr - small, but a lot of fun

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    Default Under 100 days

    until we are laying on the beach doing nothing but relaxing, drinking and enjoying the scenery.

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    108 days for us!!
    Almost at the double digit dance!!

    How is everyone?

    Where is Carolyn...? Haven't seen her post in awhile.
    HI Debbie! Hi Becky!!

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    got an email from her a couple weeks ago. Her sister passed away. She has been staying with her. I am counting double digit the day before we leave for CN since we are leaving for Philly then to catch the plane the next morning. Our DD falls on my birthday. The best gift would be to have a job before we leave so I can really relax and enjoy myself.
    Savannah starts school on Monday, had a wonderful summer with her. I will really miss her, she kept me company and BUSY all summer. She LOVES to shop, so we spent our last full day together shopping and having fun. This evening I went with you and my daughter (in-law) Steph to her horse back riding lessons, then stopped to have ice cream at a farm on the way home. She will be going to the Y at school in the morning and riding the bus for the first time this year home in the afternoon. That way if I get a job, I can start right away and not have to worry about how she is going to get to school. I cried when Steph told me her plans, but I understand too. She has to know Savannah is taken care of.
    Looking forward to seeing you this Dec.

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    Irie!! we just booked our fourth trip to CN!! Will be there 12/6 - 12/13. Ready for relaxation that only Couples can provide. You can find us on the AN side during day and the piano bar at night!

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    99 more days for us now!!

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    We are doing the double digit dance also. 97 days to go. WOOT WOOT

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    Hi Ladies,
    What a crazy year!! I feel like I am in a whirlwind and just wondering where I will land when it stops. Debbie and Melody, we do need to get together for a drink and a laugh or two. It won't be long now. As you know, my oldest sister passed away on August 17th. She left the same day that my younger brother did 8 years ago. Had she lasted 42 minutes longer it would have been at the same time.
    I also found out that I was a type 2 diabetic late last December. I'm just acting like I have never heard of the word. Not doing anything I'm supposed to be doing. In fact, I'm doing everything I shouldn't. My Dr. is going to kill me the next time I see him, which I should have done already. Eating everything that doesn't run from me and then some.
    When I was watching my sister struggling for every breath, I thought that was going to be what would make me realize that I could stop what I was doing to myself, but hers was not fixable. Have I stuck to that thought? NO!!!
    Bill is on my butt all the time. I know for a fact that it is because he loves me and no other reason. He has diagnosed me with a bad case of the hardhead. He says I think someone is trying to make me do something and I'm going to show them who's boss. Can you imagine??? LOL
    Anyway, enough glum and doom, it is almost time for Paradise! I really look forward to seeing our friends that we have made at Couples. By the way, our house at the lake is on Paradise Hills Road. I have decorated it in palm trees and island decor. I love it. As soon as we can, we are going to sell our home and move to the lake.
    Melody, keep the countdown going so I won't forget when I'm supposed to leave.


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    Hi Carolyn
    So glad to see you back on here. I have also been diagnosed with Diabetes. My dad has had it for 20+ yrs.
    OMG - just looked at my countdown - 89 DAYS. Have to get serious about this diet now. Let's get together around the middle of Oct to set a time for the meet up. Melody - keep us going here

    Carolyn - email me at I want to give you my phone #. I am home all the time and would really like to talk to you.

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    Hi Guys - ok - this will probably be long, but getting very excited (at least this morning). It is 88 days until paradise - 87 until Philly. I have my suitcase out and ready to be packed. Figured what I would do this trip is as I am getting ready to put summer stuff away, put what I want to take into the suitecase. My parents bought us a new suitcase for our anniversary in March. It has been at this condo since then. Just picked it up Friday. It is SO UGLY, but we will be able to find it easily at the airports. VERY BRIGHT!! The week before we are leaving we will go through the case and downsize what we are taking, make sure everything is pressed. I am getting so excited. Double Digit Dance, now out of the 90's. Soon will be in the 70's. Getting ready to set up the pool meet-up. If anyone has any suggestions on days, just let me know. The only day I really don't like having it is Monday. Repeaters dinner, and I usually get a little more lit the day of the meet up.
    Still looking for a job, but today seems like a happy day for me. Hope it stays like this.

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    75 days to go!!! Man, I'm soooo very, very ready to be in JA!

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    Lindz, we are getting anxious also. Can hardly believe it will be here soon. Hope all is well with you and Neal. See you 12/2!!

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    Lindz, send us an e-mail. 72 till we get there!

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    Time is flying by now. 86 days to go and my wonderful husband bought our luggage today. Jamaica soon come.

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    Ok....starting to get excited here!! 83 more days!!

    Carolyn, I am so sorry for your sisters passing. I was thinking of you often during that time and I hope you felt us on the message board pulling for you. Friends are important during times like these.

    Debbie, Great job on the hatters meeting. What time of day are you thinking? Am I gonna be able to take a nap after?? LOL!!

    Where is Becky? Haven't seen her on here either.
    BECKY!!!!!! (I just yelled for her!)

    I will try to get on here more often now that time is ticking down. I have been having more and more CR'S (Couples Rush). I bought a new bathing suit on Monday....couldn't believe I could find one but I did. I need to buy one more. I am going away for my Girls Weekend on Oct 1,2,3,and 4th. Can't wait!! We rented this HUGE house up in the Mountains. Its on the tippety top of one of them and it has a 360 tower room at the top of the house.
    But there is a good bathing suit shoppe up there that I will for sure hit!! There are 11 of us going. 4 of us have been for 47 years. WE all have been friends for over 20. We have a ball. This will be our sixth year of doing this. Kids are mostly grown. Or at least husbands have matured enough to be trusted with them. LOL. ( I, thank god, have that problem!) that I rambled....83 MORE DAYS!!
    Just had another CR!!

    Carolyn....please take care of yourself?

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