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    Default Bathing Suit attire???

    Ok, this will be our first trip to CN in late July - can't wait. We know about the AN area for sunbathing but on the regular side of the beach is it pretty much standard bathing suits for both sexes? Do some of the women wear "smaller" suits such as brazilian cut, thong, etc? Based on the pics we've seen it looks pretty standard but hard to adjust if you don't know before you get there. Can't wait.

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    You can wear pretty much anything. We have seen thongs, brazilian cuts, etc. What ever you are comfortable with.

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    Basically we have seen every style imaginable, one piece, large two piece, bikini, brazilian bikini, tankini and topless in all sorts of bottoms. My wife fits into one of these catergories but which one is the question? If you are there July 11th thru the
    22nd you will see for your self!!!!!!!LOL

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    i go topless with a thong bottom on the main beach. 25 days and counting!!!!

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    26 Days and counting for us, you and my wife must use the same designer for your swimwear she wears exactlly the same!

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    Default bathing suit

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    Mostly regular VS or Malibu Strings bikinis though. With some more daring suits from time to time.

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    Suit yourself. None for me, thank you!

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    Can't wait. Thong it is. Hope to see you then. July 21 thru 25.

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    Any of you thong wearers going to be there in december? I wouldn't mind some company on the beach.

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    Amen to all of you who can wear a thong suit. I would like too, but my butt is too big and round for that...Jealous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArubaChristy View Post
    Any of you thong wearers going to be there in december? I wouldn't mind some company on the beach.
    Yes, ma'am. I will be there from Dec 5-12! proudly wearing my teeny tiny bikini's regardless of my stomache issues!

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    Darn, we won't be there until the 13th, I was hoping someone else would be there to be my "partner in crime", I need some support. I'm not really comfortable in my thong yet, but my husband really loves them. I noticed some pictures on the web with women in thongs around the pool and shopping at the vendors tables, is this ok?

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    Yes it is fine, my wife wears her thong in the pool, lying around the pool, and walks the entire beach END to END 3 times a day in only her thong. She shops and visits all our vendor friends along the way. You will have no issues or problems if you follow SUIT. Enjoy and relax. Sorry we will not be returning until Feb 21st otherwise you would have a hell of a partner in crime and a blast with her.

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