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Thread: December 2010

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    Default December 2010

    IS IT TOO EARLY YET? How about it Melody, Debbie, Becky?

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    Hi Carolyn-
    Happy New Year!! We have not booked yet, but sure hoping we are able to. We have some bills to take care of and waiting to see what our tax return will be. Have you already booked? If so, what dates?
    Did you and Bill wait for the delayed plane to Memphis? They ended up putting us on a non-stop to MPLS at the last minute...we were literally running through customs and the security checkpoints and then to the gate. Was nice to be on the non-stop. Except when we got to MPLS we were missing 6 pieces of luggage, 2 per each of us couples. They didn't show up til 2 days later...we were all very worried as we all had Christmas presents in them we had bought on the trip. All turned out well though.
    Was really nice to meet you and we had a Great time!! Take Care and keep in touch!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Hey Carolyn - Have you packed your bags yet? I may need you !!!!
    Missing you guys, hope you had a great new years. Keep in touch and let me know how your sister is doing. Not to early at all. My count down was on Larry's computer, and it has a nasty virus, we can't get into anything. Glad we now have the second computer.

    Hi Smilemon - Glad to see you had a great holiday

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    Hi Happytimes-
    Was nice to meet you! Seemed like we were so busy and so lazy that we didn't get to talk much. Hope you had a Wonderful Holiday Season and your New Year is off to a good start! We are still dealing with health challenges...but taking things one day at a time!
    Take Care!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Default We're looking, we're looking....

    Hi all,

    We're looking for December again, but waiting for a better deal, or resort credits or something. Seems a bit high right now.

    Becky - you had an exciting trip home?? What happened?


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    Hi gals,
    I promise I will get those pictures on the board very soon. If I don't forget it I will have Bill work on them tomorrow. So just keep watching. They'll show up when you least expect it. Say hello to the guys for us


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    Hey Carolyn & Smilemon:
    Just found a great deal on airfare to CN for next Dec. We are leaving from Philly though and had to add a day to our trip. We will now be arriving 12/10 instead of 12/11 (doesn't that just s_ck) We have plenty of time to figure how to get to Philly, but the countdown is on.
    We had 24+" of snow here Friday night into Saturday, and now they are calling for another 12-20" tomorrow night into Wednesday. That is when I sat down and was just looking at rates. Was checking different airports and found this great deal in Philly. Called my travel agent, said check CN and make sure we can add a day and get the airfare. She couldn't believe the airfare either. Guess we will be flying out of Philly from now on. Sure am glad I was ticked off at all the snow and started looking. Don't think the price will stay very long.
    Smilemon - hope your health issues get better soon. Hope we get to see you next Dec. We had a wonderful vacation and came home and had a great holiday with the family. Hope yours was good. We feel the same way you did, just sat and relaxed while at CN last year. It was really nice. I read a book, fell asleep and lost Larry ; I did find him again though.

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    Hi guys,
    Debbie, I sent you a LONG email. It was good to hear from you. Becky, I don't have your e-mail address but mine is If you will e-mail me I will send the pictures of the Christmas hatters party. Bill has been so busy that he hasn't even tried to figure out how to post the pictures. He tried that one time and it didn't work, so he hasn't messed with it since. I'll also tell you what happened on our flight back. It was a nightmare. Melody, where are you? It is time we started watching this thread because I know we are all ready to go back to CN again. It will be here before you know it.


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    Hey Ladies!!
    Here I am!!! I truly haven't had time to get on here. And I see I missed alot!! I haven't seen the hatters pics!
    Snowing like crazy here right now....suppose to get 8 inches. But that is ok, we don't have much left on the ground after a huge rainstorm we had.
    It is 305 more days until Paradise!! I am watching air fare. I am bummed because as of April, Boston doesn't do direct flights to Jamaica! But I will keep watching.
    We had a very nice flight on the way home from Jamaica. Only about 30 people on the plane, my luggage was the first off! That NEVER happens.
    What are the dates that you all are going to be there for? We are Dec. 11th thru the 22nd.
    Carolyn, I think you have my email address, if you can send me the hatters pic. Did you get my email about seeing Andrew? I do have a picture of him. I just haven't had a chance to do anything with my pictures yet.
    Hey Debbie! Sounds like you had a good flight back. Glad it worked out for you. You were so nervous leaving there. I thought about you all that day.
    Becky, whats going on with you? Everything ok?

    I will try to do better and help keep this thread alive!! I miss you guys!!!!

    Hey Holly! (in case she is lurking)

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    Hi Girls! I am doing the happy dance since we booked our airfare. Wasn't sure if we would be able to make it back this yr or not. But with being snowed in for a week, I went a little crazy and booked the air. GREAT DEAL!!!! Even my TA couldn't believe the price, now we have to hope AJ doesn't change the flight times out of Philly. We are NOW traveling 12/10-12/18. An extra day, and still saving money. We have almost a whole yr to figure how we will get to Philly. We could take the train from here and not have to worry about driving, we will see.

    We have broken all records for snowfall this season, and it isn't over yet. They are calling for more snow tomorrow night into Tuesday. There are just walls of snow around us, but at least we can get out now. It took them 3 days after the 1st snowfall of 2' to get to us to plow, then they brought the front loaders in the try to clear that mess up before we got another ft+. WE were plowed out in a day after that one. The roads still weren't good, but then the front loaders came in again, and now we can get out. I'm ready for spring!!!!!

    Carolyn - are you packed to come up yet!!! I sure miss everyone from CN. "Keep It Jiggy"

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    Hi girls, haven't been on in a while. I can't believe, when I made our reservations for next Dec, it was ove a yr away. And in a week, we will be 9 months out. Just long enough to have a baby, (NOT!!!) Hope everyone is having a great winter and SPRING IS COMING!!!!!! Busy working on getting my business started, planning a baby shower, and the every day things that we all have to get done. I will try to get on here more often. Keep warm, spring is closer than u think

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    Hey all!!
    Deb, so funny you should mention 9 months..long enough to have a baby. I just found out I am going to be a grandmother!! I am so excited and happy! Jason and Shevaun will being having a baby sometime in Nov. So when I see you all next, I will actually BE a grandmother!! Jason is really my stepson, but he is my son at heart. I am already thinking about what name the baby will call me! How silly, huh?
    Deb, good luck with your business..Did you say what it was? If you did...I missed it.
    Are you guys on Facebook? Deb, Becky, Carolyn? Holly?
    I am not sure how many days, but I am not going to count right now....I got some time to savor...........
    Be well all!

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    Hi All
    It is raining like crazy here today. Thank god it's warm enough for rain. Just the the wonderful storms we had over the winter. They say we would have had over 3' of snow if it were cold.
    Deet - congrats on becoming a grandmother; IT IS THE BEST - u get to send them home after u get tired. We are expecting our second granddaughter the end of May. Larry is over helping them get the room ready. We are having a shower next weekend for Lacey. They still haven't picked a name, probably won't until she is born the way they are going.
    Yes I am on Facebook - Debbie Safchuck - do u play farmville? The pic is of my granddaughter and me.
    I am trying to start a bookkeeping and payroll business. It isn't going real well, so I am also taking a lot of time looking for a job. Yep, just long enough to have a baby. Glad others are having them though. I got in touch with Andre on facebook, it is nice to be able to keep in touch with him, since he isn't at CN any longer. Last Dec, I told Larry, the deserts were no where near as good as they had been other yrs, and it seemed like it was always the same thing. Hope things change for next year. So looking forward to making the trip. I am a little concerned since AJ has changed to Caribbean Air, they do not fly from anywhere around here. I hope they keep the flights AJ has or we are in a world of trouble. Guess we will find out in April, that is when everything is suppose to change over. Larry is already looking at other airlines to see what we can get if they change. I am just waiting to see what happens. He wanted me to call the TA, but I told him it was to early, they aren't going to know much more than what we know. Take care and have a good weekend. Last week was the pits for me, hopefully next week will be better. Never so happy to see a week end. Don't know the number of days to the trip, just know it is 9 months.

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    Hi Melody-
    I haven't been on here in awhile. Dennis has been having lots of health issues. We thought this year would be better than last year, but it is not proving to be so far. I am on facebook...are you?

    We are not sure yet if we will be able to make it "Home" this year or not. With the health issues and economy stuff just not sure. I try not to think about it too much as it just causes me more stress to think that we might not be able to this year. I have NOT given up Hope yet though! Where theres a Will theres a Way, as the saying goes!!

    Hope everyone is doing well!! Won't be long and Spring will be here!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Hi Everyone

    Melody - that is such great news - you becoming a grandmother. It is the best. My 2nd granddaughter is due the end of May. Had her shower last weekend - turned out really good. Will post pics when I get them developed. Didn't get to many, ran out of memory Isn't that always the way - probably lots of pics on there we didn't need.

    Becky - I am sorry to hear your husband isn't feeling well. Sure hope things get better for you.

    Carolyn - sent u an email the other day.

    OK - we are officially under 9 months now In fact in 9 months from now, our vacation will have been ended and we will be back to the grind stone

    SPRING HAS FINALLY SPRUNG The grass is growing and getting green, NO SNOW here, we get to see the sun and it isn't getting dark until after 6. Anotehr month and we'll be able to go out on the boat hopefully. Just a little thing, but what the hey, it's fun. Everyone have a great weekend and a great Easter if I don't get on here before then.

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    movin on up - only 8 months until we are back to our wonderful CN

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    247 days until paradise. Anyone else going in Dec starting their countdown. I like months better at this point or even weeks, but just wanted to start the countdown
    247 days
    8 months
    haven't figured out the weeks yet, will do though and post

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    My Hubby and I will be at CN Dec. 13-23 for our first trip to Couples. We are both very excited as it will be our first vacation together. We just wanted to drop a line and say, "HI" to the other December couples. We hope to see you there.

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    Hey Becky! How is Dennis? Is he feeling better? Yes, I am on Facebook. Request me....Melody Siplas. I think that I am a fan of Couples Negril too, can't remember.

    Hi Deb! Whoohoo!! Spring!!!!! It has been so much nicer lately. I am so glad we have seen the last of snow!! How is the business/job hunting going?

    Where is Carolyn???

    So I have 242 more days until CN. Right now, I don't want to rush it. I am looking forward to some nice weather here. Riding the Harley, hanging by the pool. But doesn't mean I am not excited about it. We booked for 2011 last week too. 2 WEEKS!!! Just hope I can leave it like that. It is getting tougher and tougher to get the time off at work!

    Is everyone already booked for 2010?

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    Hi - Was just reading these posts, so I went to the countdown calculator and we are at 253 days for CN. Also, I just booked for December 2011. It's so funny to be booking and thinking about something so far in the future, but sure is nice.

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    Hi everybody!!! I'm right here, Melody. I just booked December 2011 ( 8th to the 17th ) I hope that we will be there at the same time? Let me know, Melody. Jump on board, Debbie, and get that trip booked for 2011 before they sell out. LOL
    I have been watching for a post from Becky. Hope things are ok.

    We FINALLY got to stay in our house at the lake last weekend. There is still a lot of work to do, but the house part is 95% done. I have lots and lots of Caribbean decor. My son says I should decorate it with lake stuff, like pictures of fish and such, but I much prefer the palms. We pulled our boat down last weekend so I'm hoping the weather cooperates this weekend so we can take it out.

    Debbie, I was looking at pictures the other day and came across our Christmas hatters party. What fun! We'll just have to make sure Melody has her nap early in the day so she can join us. Maybe we'll have a big crowd this year. The more the merrier.

    Talk to you guys later. I'm going to bed. Goodnight.


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    Loren-n-Venda - you will be at CN part of the time we are there. We started a Christmas Hatters meet-up at the pool bar last yr. Was small, but had a great time. Tried a Bob Marley for the first time. We will be planning another one for the upcoming trip. Watch this site to see when it will be. We will probably also start a new meet-up thread.

    Carolyn- sent you an email back. Don't lose that hat from last year. You may not be able to find anything like it for next yr.

    Becky & Melody - sent u both messages on facebook.

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    Vern and I booked Dec. 16-23 back in February. We've been watching the airfares from both Cincinnati and Dayton since then and it's not getting any better. We just purchased our tickets at over $600 each, but couldn't wait any longer.


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    has anyone heard from Carolyn - sent her an email at home - no esponse and haven't seen her on the MB. Hope everything is ok

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    Happtimes42 A Christmas hatters party sounds like it might be fun. We will be looking forward to it.

    236 days and counting until we are sitting on the beach. Not nearly soon enough.

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