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    Default NYE @ CN - **tom_erin**

    I hope I'm not repeating a post but I've looked around a LOT first!

    Hubby and I are going to be at CN for NYE!! (CANNOT WAIT!)

    Can anyone share any details of the celebrations? It sounds like people wear everything from stilettos and suits to shorts and sandals. Can you eat in a restaurant that night or does everyone eat together at the buffet? And then we just celebrate all night long? Sounds great!

    Also tom_erin, we'll be traveling on the same days out of Detroit! Maybe we'll be on the same flights. It's SO cold here! I CANNOT wait!

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    Hi we do have a post called 'New year 2010' but there doesn't seem to be many people joining in this year.

    The celebrations consist of tables all around the pool with a stage and dance floor, the Cassava terrace is turned into a giant buffet with the most wonderful food and the lobby is a food and drink station with entertainment in the early part of the evening, and YES we do party all night long

    This will be our third New years eve at CN and it gets more wonderful every year.

    Hope to see you there, try to post your pic on our thread.

    Ellie and Steve

    14 days and counting !!

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