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Thread: December 2010

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    It's a done deal now! The trip is paid on full and only 67 days to go. So excited.

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    Default 8 weeks

    8 weeks till getting out the luggage


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    Default Christmas hatters

    OK Debbie it is the middle of October and I'm ready to start thinking about our Christmas hatters annual meet-up!!! I think we should do it on Tuesday or Wednesday about 2 o'clock. Does that sound good for everybody? If not, pick a time; I'll be there all week:
    I started getting some of our clothes out today and I am so ready! We haven't had a vacation all year and we need one. Let me know what you think about the time and date. We have to make sure Melody is there because she's going to do a REAL Bob Marley.
    Drink, that is!
    I'm going to Indy tomorrow to see my babies, so I better get some sleep. Goodnight everyone

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    Christmas Hatters Meet-up, Tuesday @ 2 it is!!!
    57 more days!!!

    I have started a pile for Jamaica too. I have not gotten out the suitcase yet, but it won't be long now!

    Can't wait to see you guys! Debbie, Carolyn.
    Still no sign of Becky, I see. Hope everything is ok. Are they booked for Dec yet, does anyone know?

    Hope everyone is well. That means you, Carolyn!

    Come on December!!

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    Ok maybe a silly question but the Hatters meet-up is Tuesday at 2 on what date?? Thank you =0)

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    The Christmas hatters meet up will be Tuesday Dec. 14th. Happytimes started this last year and it was FUN!! And, Debbie, we haven't heard from you, so is it ok on that date? Also, since Larry is such a gentleman, we'll let him buy our drinks and be the designated driver.
    Melody, I am doing much better. I won't say that I've got my head on straight, but I am definately working on it. The resort is going to be a big challenge, but I've been reading the post about the different kind of drinks that I will be able to drink that won't have such an impact on the sugar. I have been totally off sweets except for vanilla wafers or graham crackers for 5 weeks today. The pastries that they have at the breakfast buffet, now I may have to nibble on a couple of those.
    I'm just finishing my first cup of coffee, so I'm gonna get off here and go get another cup and see what meaness I can get into today!!
    Take care everyone. Like the dog said when the train ran over his tail "it won't be long now"

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    Carolyn! So happy to hear you are watching your sugar!! Good for you. Bill must be so happy. You are a tough one to keep in line for sure!

    Larry is going to be the designated driver? Sweet! I was worried about that after ALL the Bob Marley shots we are going to do! Whew!!

    Tuesday Dec. 14th @ 2PM....Hatters meet-up! I will make sure I get an earlier nap that day so that I can keep up with Carolyn and Debbie. CAN'T WAIT!!

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    Hey everyone! I just wanted to say how much we are looking forward to meeting you, and my wife is excited about the christmas hatters meetup even though we haven't met anyone yet, lol.

    53 Days and counting!

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    LARRY? DESIGNATED DRIVER? We're in trouble!!!!! I think he can handle buying the drinks though.

    Carolyn - the 14th is great - as long as everything goes ok - I will be there will BELLS on Larry said he is only being designated driver if we promise to do at the least 3 Bob Marleys - UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!!!!!?????

    Can't wait to see everyone
    Gruven - you will have a blast - there are a great bunch of people at CN - looking forward to meeting you and your wife

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    3 BOB MARLEYS???? Are you kidding me???!!!! If I have that many, I won't need a designated driver; I'll be FLYING. Everyone knows it is at the swim-up bar, right? We are so ready for this trip. Just be sure to bring your favorite Christmas hat!!

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    My Hat is already in my "to go" pile. I can't wait to see Carolyn do 3 Bob Marley shots. I am bringing my video camera just cuz of that! HAHAHA!

    Welcome Gruven and wife!!! Can't wait to meet you guys too!!


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    OMG - This is so funny - started packing the UGLY suitcase as I come across thngs that I want to take. Don't have a Christmas Hat yet. Have to wait for Halloween stuff to be put away first. Hoping to see everyone in less than 50 days.

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    less than 5 weeks now.....soon come...already feelin irie


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    OK - the suitcase has been on the bed. As I am finding things I think I want to take to CN, it fold it and put it in the BRIGHT, suitcase. Low and behold, this HUGE, BRIGHT suitcase is almost full with just my clothes. Told Larry about it, he sighed and said "that figures". I guess I am going to have to go through it before we start to pack to get rid of some stuff already. Found a hat I wnat, just have to order it. Guess I should do that soon too. Thought I found a hat for Larry, but then he informed me of what he wants. I think I'll let him look. I'm getting tired of looking already. PURPLE IS FOR THE RAVENS!!!!! GO RAVENS!!!! Can You Believe it is only 38 days Single Digits soon come.

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    Oh good grief!! So much to do and so little time to do it in!! Let's see, get suitcases out, start packing, finish Christmas shopping, wrap gifts, decorate house for Christmas, oh, I forgot Thanksgiving (cook turkey, etc) sleep, get to airport, check again to make sure I have my Christmas hat, then off to Paradise where I think by this time I am going to need FOUR bob marleys instead of 3

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    Default Hey Allisirie

    Only one month until scuba diving! Have you hear anything about the state of the dive boat? Do you two night dive? We love it! See you soon!

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    29 days to go, and we will join you guys under the sea!!! Cant come fast enough, snow in Michigan today.....
    Mark has night dove ( he has a lot of dives under his belt), me not yet, dive boat fixed not sure, but hey, we can make du with the glass bottom boat if necessary.
    My first diving was last year in Michigan, and then CTI in Feb.
    Cant wait to meet ya, and enjoy under the water, and maybe a few drinks or two!

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    Hello Everyone-
    Sorry but I haven't been on here much...I peek in every once in awhile. It is very hard to get on here when everytime I do I just cry. We are not going to be able to come this year. This year has been quite stressful with several things going on. Dennis has been dealing with health issues off and on all year along with other family stuff going on. Finances needless to say have been very tight. It is so Hard to think that we won't be able to go "Home" this year. We are definitely going to plan on next year and I have started putting little bits of $ away when I can. Is anybody booked for 2011 yet?
    We will sadly miss the Hatters Meet up but please have a drink and toast for us...that is my Birthday too!
    I know you will all have a Wonderful time! We will be looking forward to seeing you all in 2011!!
    I will look forward to updates and pictures from your trips.
    Melody and Debbie - post pictures and updates on facebook.
    Take Care!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Default Hey Barb and Mark

    We are Kait and Glenn. We are in Illinois on the river. No snow yet but sleet and cold wind. We have the days counted also! Have you been to CN before? It is the only Couples we have been to. Thinking about CSA. They have Nitrox. See you in 27 days, 5 hours, 11 minutes!!!!!! Ya Mon!

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    Default 25 days, 13 hours................

    Ya mon,
    This is our 6th trip to a Couples Resort, 7th to Jamaica.
    Been to Negril several times, Ochorio, and CTI.
    CN is our favorite, which is why were heading back again.
    Got a new dive computer for my dive buddy Mark, and can hardly wait to surprise him with it, then to use it.
    Are you CN repeaters as well???
    We have been thinking of going to Pelican Bar, but not so sure we want to give up a dive day to do it.
    Have you ever been?
    So excited.

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    Default hey Barb

    We have only been to CN. this is our 10th time! We just love going "home"! My husband is our photographer. It is so nice to share with "landlubbers" what they are missing and to extend your vacation. I have posted his best on Google web albums under Kait Meeker Couples Negril Scuba Pictures.

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    Hi guys - Carolyn - u r tooo funny. Not quite done Christmas shopping, but almost Started wrapping, Yaaahhhh!!!! Still haven't gome in to take anything out of suitcase yet AND TODAY WE ARE 1 MONTH FROM TOUCHDOWN. At this time in 1 month we will be full on Lobster and probably going to our room to get some sleep Plane leaves at 6am, we have to leave the house around 1:30 am to get to the airport, checked in, customs. Maybe take a nap on the plane. I usually do on the way home. I can't believe it is only a month away. I remember when it was more than a yr. Carolyn - I'll join u in the 4 Bob Marleys.See everyone soon

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    We will be on our first AI trip at CN 12/9 - 12/13. Hoping to meet up with some of the "regulars" and learn the ins-and-outs of the CN way of life!!

    Never take life too'll never get out of it alive!!

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    Banchi - sorry you will miss the meet up with us but you will meet a lot of really nice people. Hope to meet you while we are there. 24 Days until Paradise

    Carolyn - are you packing you????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smilemon View Post
    Hello Everyone-
    We are not going to be able to come this year.
    Awww, Becky, I'm so sorry to hear you won't be at CN this year. I was all set to save your chairs!

    I hope things come out good for Dennis, and the best of luck to you guys this year. We're doing a CN/CSS split. I'll let you know how it goes.

    We'll toast you and Dennis on the beach! Any special song you want the musicians to play?


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