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    Anyone their now or last week? Can you please tell what boat is being used to take people back and forth to the island? A picture if possible.
    Thank you so much!
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    We were there a few years ago. They use a medium size pontoon boat. I'm sure this is what they still use. Works well. They do a good job of watching for passengers. You never need to wait more than a few minutes for a ride to or from the island.

    They will close the island and park the boat under red flag conditions. They may also close the island early for a wedding. But they will sometimes keep the island open a little longer the following days to make up for it.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise.
    Jack and Kathy
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    Same boat in November (pontoon that seats about 8) - it does occasionally break down but they know this is the best boat to use so they try to get it working again immediately.

    It was pretty easy to get in and out of - you could pretty much step right on and off - there was a bit of a step down from the pier on the resort side, but at the island you just walked right on and off - very easy.

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    Thank You Michael and Kristen!

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