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    Default CSA & Atrium Windows Newbie Questions!

    Hello all,

    My fiance and I are hoping to enjoy a Couples honeymoon, I just had a few things I wanted to clarify before I booked it. After reading through this message board and doing some reasearch on a few travel sites, I have narrowed it down to CSA and most likely the Atrium Suites.

    I'm looking for any comments people can provide on the wooden looking slats that surround the Atrium rooms:

    1. Specifically, is this directly linked to the outside, or is there any type of netting or barrier behind the to keep out bugs and/or sounds?
    2. Also, I'm looking at the pictures and it seems like the "walled-in" rooms might not run into as many noise problems, as the open Atrium rooms would. This could be clarified if there is some glass behind the wooden slats, but has anyone ran into any problems with intimacy being interrupted by casual foot traffic or noisy couples?

    Every post I've read is SO positive on the Atrium suites, but wanting everything perfect, I just want to make sure this is the place to be. Any other comments on a CSA Atrium stay would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all in advance!!

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    The Atrium Suites are known for their location in the interior of the original resort's accommodations layout. There is not a lot of foot traffic in this area, as the main "artery" for this is along the beach walk located between the beach and the beachfront accommodations.

    The windows in the Atriums have those slat shutters as you see in the photos. Outside of these are screens to keep out the birds, insects and other creatures. The windows on the center atrium, which gives these rooms their name, have glazing in them to isolate your room from your neighbors. The windows to the outside are not sound proof, but in our previous visits to SweptAway (number 7 coming in May 2010), this has only been a problem once... last year, our Atrium Suite was about as far from the beach (and as close to the road) as this classification gets. We got used to it after the first night, and to be frank, no accommodation at SweptAway is very far from the beach.

    As for the "intimacy interruption issues"... again, this has never been an issue, and I can't figure out why ;-). I wouldn't worry about it. To be completely frank, again, I don't recall ever seeing or recognizing our neighboring suite occupants. Maybe that's the way I'm wired.

    Maybe my bride has different recollections. I will say that she sleeps as long or longer in the mornings than she does at home. This, despite the morning kitchen traffic noise that occurs throughout the resort as staff get those yummy continental breakfasts delivered.

    The loudest noises we've ever heard from the Atrium Suites at SweptAway has been the rain gutter noises during a mid-night rain storm. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    We love the atrium rooms! Each room may be a little different, but in our room we had glass under the wooden slates around the room, In the doorway leading to the wonderful large terrace there were screens under the wooden slates. I like things very open and hate to feel closed up, so I opened all the slates in the morning when I woke up and the room felt very open. When we returned at bedtime the housekeeper had shut all the slates for the night, and it was private like we like it at night. Most of the atrium rooms are located in the center of the property and do not have a problem with noise. Most have a garden view, but a few do offer a view of the ocean. My husband and I took a daily nap on our terrace and were never awakened by noise, due to it being far enough away from the daily noise of the beach ( when I say noise from the beach, even that is minimal due to the beach being very quite and relaxing). There are only 4 suites in each atrium building, and I can honestly say I never heard or saw my neighbors, even though I knew they were there because of housekeeping. We were on the first floor, but if worried about noise request a second floor room. Remember, no TV or minibar in the atrium rooms. I thought this would bother me, but to be honest after going without I liked it better. My husband and I out of habit, even while on vacation, turn on the TV before falling to sleep. We had so much more quite and intimate time before falling to sleep without that habit of that TV noise.

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