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    Default SCUBA DIVING certification at CN?

    Hi, we need a little scuba diving certification advice....
    Can one can take the theory, practise and test part of the PADI open water scuba diving certification elsewhere and then complete the 4 dives for certification at CN? Marc wants to complete the studying and test in french prior to our trip to CN on January 16th and then complete the 4 dives at CN. Cost for the whole course at CN is $365, but if the theory part and test are completed elsewhere will the dives be free?
    Thanks for your feedback, Cindi

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    Hello Cindi --

    I don't recall the exact rate, but there is a cost for referral dives to complete the full certification (instead of the full certification cost). The email address for the CN dive shop is They should be able to give you a quote for the open water referral dives.

    Once certified, all dives are free with the exception of refresher dives, private dives, night dives or additional certification courses.

    Enjoy your trip!


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    You will still have to pay. i think CTI was $265 last October.

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    Default thanks Linda

    Thank you for forwarding the water sports address. This will make it much easier. Marc has decided to take the whole course including theory and dives at CN. I will e-mail them my request for a french course book.

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    Default Scuba Certification

    Good Day Cindi and Marc,

    Reading your questions about scuba certification while on holiday and considering completing all of the class at CN or only the four open water training dives, may I offer a professional opinion?

    For the purpose of full disclosure you should know that I own a dive shop in Oregon.

    Completing the academic portion of your PADI Open Water Diver course (eLearning) can be done online in English, French, Spanich, Dutch, and several other languages. By completing the PADI eLearning before your holiday begins you will have more time for diving or relaxing. The online material is interactive, engaging and supported by a PADI instructor who will follow your progress and offer input and support.

    Completing the confined water portion of the class (pool dives) before your holiday begins also saves time at your destination. This is balanced against having time at home and the availability of this service at a local dive center.

    Completing the four open water training dives at CN will take some portion of two days. Training standards allow a maximum of three training dives in one day.

    Completing the full certification class at CN will take at a minimum two very full, very long days.

    At a minimum I suggest completing the PADI eLearning portion of the Open Water Diver class before leaving home.

    If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me at in Oregon, USA. To learn more about eLearning please visit my web site,, and click on the eLearning icon in the upper left hand corner or go to and click on the eLearning icon.

    Regardless of which path to certification you choose please accept my greetings. Welcome to the world-wide family of divers and underwater ambassadors.

    Happy New Year!

    Mark Fischer

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    I hear people all the time say to do the class room work before you go b/c you dont want to cut into your vacation with studying.
    I think this is (for the most part) nonsense.
    Having taken the certification (open water) this past Sept at CSA i have this to say:
    the PADI guide is easy to read with quizes throughout to highlight important information. one can easily read in the afternoons while on the beach or even over lunch.
    the fist morning you go do the pool work and get to know your equipment (this is also part of the free resort class)- then you go for your fist dive. all done by 1130am. then you go back the next morning do a bit more pool work, signals & lessons (all outside) then on to the next dive, back in time to grab some (light) lunch and off for your second dive of the day (3 open water dives at this point done by 3pm the 2nd day). the last day go in the morning a bit more information and your then your last required dive. (again done by lunch) you can take the test anytime after that during your vacation. no rush, very simple.
    i did read some of the PADI open water dive book, which i borrowed from the local library, before we went. my girlfriend did not - we both passed easily

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    Default Thank you your imput

    Thank you everyone for pointing out pros and cons of taking all or partial PADI course at and off Couples. We still have a few days to decide based on all your feedback.
    Cindi & Marc

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    We just returned from CN in December. We did our Open Water Referral which consisted of four dives. It cost us $250US each. Hope that helps

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    We just returned from CN dec 27th. Go see sugar in the dive shop he is the best (Richard is great also). $265 each.

    Don't worry about the book work, it will not take away from your vacation.

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