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    My husband and I are making our first trip to CN and Jamaica in February. We usually take our golf clubs on our winter trips but have not seen very many comments posted about the golf. Is it worth the hassle of bringing our clubs?

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    Negril Hills is definitely not a golf destination. My husband plays a lot of very good golf courses and, after playing Negril Hills a few times, he would not take his clubs again. I don't think there are any courses in the area that are really that great. It's a five hour or so off-resort diversion if that is what you are looking for; otherwise take advantage of the other activities and leave the clubs at home.

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    Default Couples Negril Golf

    We played the Negril course a couple of weeks ago and I to agree with the previous post; save yourself the hassle and the money and just enjoy the other amenities the resort offers.
    Just a recap of our golf at Negril. We did not bring our clubs and chose to rent them at the course. Mistake number 1! The club offered two prices for club rental depending on the clubs you preferred. We chose the higher priced clubs expecting something nice. I have hit with nicer clubs at a driving range. Not only was it a mismatched set, but I think Noah used these clubs on the ark to hit balls with. The club also requires the use of a caddy. Our caddy stood and rode on back of our cart. If we got to a hole and someone else was on it, he just had us drive to another hole. As soon as we were out of view of the club house, he asked if he could play. He lost three of my balls on one hole. There were also some poor children whom had made there way onto the course and were asking for money. Needless to say, we payed for the cart, clubs, and caddy for 18 holes but returned to the club house after about 7 holes to await the shuttle back to the resort.
    I think after tipping the caddy, we spent about $150.00. It was definitely not worth it. The course is not in that great of shape and I have played nicer public courses. Everything about the Couples Negril is more on the deluxe end of the spectrum. However, the golf falls way short of this standard. I will never play at Negril again.

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    Hi Lo and Zo,
    I beg to differ somewhat with the previous posters. The course is worth a round or two if you're not a lay around the beach or pool couple. Granted though, the rental clubs are pitiful so bring your own. Lousy, unfamiliar clubs just set you up for a bad outing if you ask me. I lighten up my bag and take my clubs with me on all of our trips. Negril Hills isn't a US PGA quality course but it is enjoyable. Two of my buddies and I walked it with our caddies in December of 08 and had a blast. The course is tighter than it looks with hard fairways and it always seems like you're teeing off downhill and then back up to the green. Ask for caddies Ronnie and Nevel and tell them Steve from NY says hello. Here's a few pictures of the course.
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    Default Just Finished 18

    My wife and I just finished playing 18 holes at Negril today (1/5/2010)and I would agree with the previous poster regarding the course. We chose not to bring our clubs and after paying for a cart, caddie, rental clubs, balls and tees it cost me $200. We opted for the more expensive rentals and the clubs were quite nice but the course is "rough" and the greens are in pretty bad shape. Do not expect anything fancy and if you are just looking for a excursion then it is worth playing but not worth bringing your clubs for.

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    Hello, thought i'd throw my thoughts into this thread! I've been to both CSA & CN and each time played about 5 rounds. Yeah, the course isn't a championship course and some of the greens have some damage to them (probelms with an oil leak on a mower i was informed!) but it's got some loevely holes with nicely elevated tees and the greens can crucify you just when you think you've down well getting there in regulation! If you like playing golf and like to keep an open outlook on things then you should enjoy it. I've always taken my own clubs, only costs an extra $15 each way to bring clubs on the airline i normally use so it's a no brainer.
    Okay, it's a bit cheeky describing it as "all inclusive" as you're caddy is mandatory but if you really want to keep it lean then walk the 18 holes and bring your own clubs if you can, cost of caddy is $14 and whatever you may want to tip him, job done! if you're there as a couple and want a cart then you're looking at 2 x $14 (caddy) and $34 (cart) plus tip. If you're going over there with absolutely nothing of your own to use (clubs, balls, tees etc) then i can see how the costs may start to mount.

    Similar to Steveg52's post, i played a couple of rounds with my caddy if there was no other guests to pair up with and had a blast, throw in a couple of cold ones to boot and it's happy days allround!

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    I agree with Steveg52 and Raithe - we were there last year, and played 5 rounds of golf. Our caddies were great, and we were able to get the same caddies every day. We are hoping that Sharon and Stacie are available when we go back in March.

    Golf there is fun and relaxing, the caddies help make the day enjoyable, the view is wonderful, and yes the greens (most on the tops of hills) are killers.

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    Here, here Raithe you hit the nail on the head. We had a great time walking the course with the caddies, brought our own clubs and saved big bucks in the process. You could even buy experienced balls from a few kids who line some of the holes on the course hawking them if you happen to be spraying the ball around. I bought a round of six drinks from the refreshment cart and it only cost me $18, $3 a drink! I can't say that for any other course I've every played except Negril Hills. So for the caddy fee $14, the tip $20 and a round of drinks $18, totalling $52 it was a fantastic morning with my two good buddies and our caddies. The only way I could have had a better time would be if I could have gotten my uphill putts to the hole. Bermuda greens drive me crazy.

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    Well, I've played there many times, with my own clubs and know, for MOST of us, it isn't the's our grip, stance, swing, shoes, hat, and attitude.....OK, that said, it isn't a finely manicured course, but it is challenging, very hilly. I just love playing golf in FEBRUARY....not much chance of that here in Iowa....I try to get the same caddy, and call him to make sure..his name is SHELDON, and I love it when he takes his clubs and plays, too...can only do that if not too busy. I have enjoyed all of the caddies, and they are worth their weight in gold when it comes to the greens. It is one time that you can have some fine contact with real Jamaicans, not just those trying to sell you something. One of the best was 8 months pregnant when she caddied for me, and I still ask about their baby....I guess if you are a dyed in the wool golf nut and it is all about the golf for you, you won't like it...I have been in groups with several folks like that and it isn't much fun....If you're like that, don't play, you won't like it..but if you want a little flavor in your vacation, and enjoy golf for other reasons, go for it...And, the best round I ever played at Negril Hills was with their rented clubs, and I have custom made clubs...Schlepping my clubs around is not part of my vacation any more, after hauling them around for 6 or 7 years to Jamaica....ENJOY!

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