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    Default Valentine's Day at CSA

    We will be at CSA on February 14th and can't think of a more romantic place to spend Valentine's Day. Does the Resort have any special activities to celebrate this romantic day? Can't wait to get there! It will be our third visit and we are looking forward to spending time with the wonderful staff who have become our dear friends. Can anyone who has previously been there on Valentine's Day tell me how the day is celebrated.

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    Hi we were there last year (& will be this year!). There was a brilliant cocktail party on the lawn with music & canapes. We have a private dinner on the beach. All very pleasant....

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    We were there V-Day of 2008 and I don't remember any specific activities...just a lot of weddings. I suprised my BF with a dinner on the beach. They gave us a teddy bear on our bed which we still have.
    We just got back from CSA last month. Still amazing! You will have so much fun!

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    Hey there,

    My husband and I will be there on V day as well, third year in a row, it's actually our wedding anniversary, and yes of course we got married that day.

    One thing we were determined to do this year was to arrive before the V day as we have missed the special party they have every year. So yes they do have a party early evening, with the most amazing little foods, lobster, othere types of seafood, ice sculptures, champagne and lovely live music. They also have different romantic entrance every time where a photographer will take a couple pictures which you can choose to buy or not.

    You'll love it all.

    Hege UK

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    We are headed to CSA for our third trip 2/5-2/15. Our 1st 2 trips we left the resort on Valentines day to head home (how sad)... This year we aren't leaving until the 15th. I can't imagine a more perfect place to be with my hubby on Valentines Day.

    Where is the party? Do all the restaurants do something special?


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