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    Default What is your favourite restaurant at CTI and why?

    I've been looking at the sample menus for CTI. What is your favourite restaurant and why? All of the menus look wonderful! I just hope the real ones are as good. Last year we were a bit disappointed at CSA, the food was great but a lot of the things on the sample menus were never served. I was so looking forward to escargot! Please help us decide where to eat our first night, we arrive on a Thursday.

    Marnie and Dave

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    If I had to pick a favorite it would be Bayside and not for the food but for the atmosphere. Our experience is they all offer something different for each mode you are in. And if you don't see something you want...ask...they may surprise you.

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    Our favorite is split between Eight Rivers and the Veranda. Why?

    Eight Rivers has the best soup, great service, and a great many course meal. The only draw back is need to dress up and have a reservation.

    Veranda has great food, great service, and a many course meal. What make this place so nice is that you do not need a reservation, do not need to dress up, and they serve great food.

    So for your first night, depending on what time you get to the resort, Veranda may be your only choice other the the patio.
    Irie Mon

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    Our favorite is The Verandah, but the ambiance at Bayside can't be beat. Check out the menus each morning before you decide on a reservation, that way you will have an idea of where your favorites are being served.
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    All of them for different reasons and meals. The only I didn't care for was Bayside, but that could be my choice of menu items. We had dinner twice at 8 Rivers, once was the repeaters dinner, once at Bayside and twice at the Verandah. The fillet mignon on 8 Rivers was incredible. I don't even remember what I had the Verandah, but it was wonderful also. We also did the Patio the night of the Poolside buffet. Loved breakfast at the Patio for the Omelets and lunch. Also loved the grill for lunch and snacks and the veggie bar for sweet potato chips and hummus. Our friends really liked Bayside and my hubby liked it better for the Thai food than when it was Italian. It is very cool to sit out over the ocean and listen to the waves in the candle light so I am not opposed to trying it again.

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    We really enjoyed 8 Rivers. I had wonderful lamb, and my husband really enjoyed the fish.

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    8 Rivers, then Bayside

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    #1-8 Rivers, #2- Verandah, #3- The Patio, #4- The Beach Grille, Did not like the new menu at the Bayside (wish they would go back to what it was)

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    Bayside and Eight Rivers need reservations so if you can't get reservations for your first night, either the Verandah or Patio (buffet style) restaurants are great as well. You won't get a bad meal no matter what restaurant you choose. They're all great. And the veggie grill at the beach (11am-6pm) has great food as well. The sweet potato chips are awesome. The sample menus online are very accurate to what is actually served. And if you have trouble deciding, why not frequent more than one in the same night. :-) Don't miss Friday night lobster night - it was fantastic at Eight Rivers. The coconut ice cream at Patio restaurant is yummy!

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