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    Default Popcorn at the Beach Bars

    At a few other resorts I have been to, the bars had a popcorn machine on them. Fresh popcorn was made in the early afternoon. I loved smelling it and getting a little bag with a cold Red Stripe to munch on was very tasty. I asked last year if CSA had popcorn anywhere and was told no..........I could bring microwave and have them pop it for me in the kitchen........but that might be easier said then done.

    I am just wondering how much trouble (or not) it would be to have those popcorn machines you see in rest stops, and pop some each day. I don't expect them to have it going from opening to close, but a little treat in the afternoon might be nice.

    Does anyone agree? or do you think it is too much trouble? How would you go about requesting this?

    I'm interested to hear thoughts on this.

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    I think CSS already has a popcorn machine at the Beach Grill....

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    CSS had one when we were there last April and I'll bet they still do!

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    Plaintain chips with Hummus is much better than Popcorn!!!!
    I love popcorn but would hate to smell it on the beach in Jamaica!!!

    I'm interested to hear thoughts on this
    Since you asked..........

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    I think Couples Negril has one in the games room which is behind the Lychee Restaurant.

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    CSA has one. They had it out for movie night on the south end beach. Not sure where they hide it the rest of the time, as I only saw it that one time.

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    There's one at CSS Beach Grill delicious and also Soft Ice , do you have your little treat ��
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    CTI has one as well.

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    CTI has a popcorn machine as well.


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    Which they would bring the Hummus to Negril ...

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    Negril has one in the game room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharker View Post
    Which they would bring the Hummus to Negril ...
    Sharker, according to another thread on this MB Negril is working on having a veggie bar there by the end of this year.

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